NABCO Sponsors post on Facebook; still nothing on December Stipend

Herh, NABCO. How can you guys pay money to sponsor a post on Facebook but fail to give us an official message as to when we will receive our December Stipend?

I shock o.

It is painful to work hard and not be paid. What’s most painful and annoying is when you work, you are not paid and your bosses are saying nothing about it.


Do you know what’s even more painful than them saying nothing about it? It’s when you see them talking about other matters, as if all is well.

When you look at the first picture on this article, you would notice NABCO has made a post wishing us a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Look closely and you will see that this post has been sponsored. NABCO wants us to be seeing this message but will not release any statement about December Stipend.

One thing is for sure, we will not be receiving it this year. We already know the speculations that the NABCO December Stipend will be paid in January 2019.

And although NABCO’s delay is making our Christmas boring, we are hoping the new year will be better.

At this point, the best thing for NABCO to do is to give us an official statement with timelines as to when we will receive our stipend.

It’s not the time to continually remind us that we are in the festive season. Like many comments left on the post, it’s clear the festive season is useless if you don’t have money to spend.

Dear NABCO, once again, I plead with you. Don’t keep us in the dark. Tell us something. We deserve some information.

Thank you. I am a proud Nation Builder. Share this with all other Nation Builders.

Long live NABCO, Long live Ghana.

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