How to receive SMS when BECE & WASSCE 2023 results are released

Are you one of the thousands of students who want to know when BECE and WASSCE will be released? Getting an alert when the board examination results are released can be useful if you are looking to see how you are doing in school, or if you are wondering whether the desired results have been attained.

In this article, we will talk about ways to be alerted when the BECE or WASSCE results are released by WAEC.

When does WAEC releases BECE and WASSCE results?

Per WAEC rules, BECE and WASSCE results are released 45 days after the last paper. That being said, the said date can be extended depending on circumstances that may happen.


You can read our updates on the actual release date of the BECE 2023.

How to get an alert when BECE or WASSCE results are released

Subscribe to SMS alert is a portal that can be used to check BECE and WASSCE results. They also have a system that notifies their subscribers whenever there is the need to use their service.

If you visit the website and you leave your contact, you will be notified through SMS when the results are released. The good thing about resultschecker is that, you can buy your e-voucher and check your results directly from them when the results are released.

Subscribe to newsletters

Alerts for the release of the results can be found on the Ghana Education Service website. All you have to do is to sign up for their newsletters via their official websites. With that, you will be alerted whenever a message is relayed.

Watch news on TV

You can also get alerted via the news. BECE and WASSCE results release is major news in Ghana and thus, when the results are released, every tv and radio station tends to alert candidates through their news portal.

What to do when the results are released

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  1. Buy your WAEC Voucher which includes the SERIAL NUMBER and PIN from any sales outlet, most internet CAFÉ, or any WAEC office nearby.
  2. Check your results online using your index number and the purchased voucher.
  3. Print your results out.

How to check your BECE or WASSCE 2023 Results

To check your BECE or WASSCE results, you first need your e-voucher which can be bought at any authorized outlet or through a short code that will be given out by the Ministry of Education or the WAEC.

Now that you have your voucher, let’s get to check your results.

  1. Visit the WAEC results checker online portal: Now, when the portal opens, enter your index number which you used when writing your exams.
  2. Select the type of examination.
  3. Select your examination year.
  4. Enter your date of birth (The one you used for your BECE or WASSCE registration.
  5. Enter the SERIAL NUMBER and PIN on your voucher where it is required.
  6. Now, go through to make sure all information you have given are correct.
  7. Click on submit and wait to see your results pops up in the next window.
  8. Print out your results.

What to do after checking your BECE or WASSCE results

With your results, you now know your fate and what to expect, whether you will continue or not. After checking your results, you now know your fate and what to do next.


It’s good to get yourself notified on when the BECE or WASSCE results will be released. I hope this article helps you on how to.

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