NABCO October 2019 Stipend to drop on Friday; November Allowance on Sunday

E-Zwich, which happens to be the Official Payment System for the monthly allowances of NABCO trainees wishes thank all NABCO trainees on how they’ve been able to exercise patience with the delay in their October 2019 allowance.

The management wishes to inform the general on how sorry they’re for the unintentional delay. The delay was due to an update which has been done on the trainees’ payment database.

This update was geared to erase all ghost names from the scheme. Not only them but also trainees who have left the scheme but still receiving the allowance.

All updates were completed in the morning of Sunday, 24th of November, 2019. But due to some natural occurrences, payment was not able to be processed on Sunday, 24th of November, 2019.


The good news is that info from NABCO HQ has pointed that the stipends/allowance for October will be paid starting from the morning of Friday, 29th November 2019.

As promised earlier on, that the payment of November allowances won’t suffer any kind delay after the 1st Anniversary, so are we going by.

Hence, NABCO trainees are to expect their November 2019 allowance latest by the ending of November 2019, which will be a few days after October allowances are paid (double enjoyment).

NABCO is not meant to frustrate anyone. But rather to put smiles on the faces of its trainees and also in the pockets of them.

And that’s exactly what management is trying to do. The Management will even go ahead and try their possible best to make sure trainees get their December allowance also even before they go for the Christmas holidays.

The team is putting in all efforts to make the scheme a success. So let’s all join hands to make that dream a reality.

God bless us all

NABCO! I am a Nation Builder!

NABCO! I am a Nation Builder!!

NABCO! We are the Nation Builders!!!

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