How to Land a Job in Dubai from Ghana

Dubai is a dream destination for many Ghanaians looking to find jobs abroad. With its booming economy and tax-free salaries, it’s no wonder why this glitzy emirate attracts expatriates from around the world. But landing a job in Dubai from Ghana requires proper preparation and strategic planning. In this comprehensive guide, we break down the steps you need to take to successfully secure employment in Dubai.

The Allure of Dubai for Ghanaians

Dubai offers Ghanaians and other Africans job opportunities in diverse industries like hospitality, aviation, construction, oil and gas. Salaries are attractive – tax-free income means you take home what you earn. Plus, it’s easy to save since expenses like rent, healthcare, education are covered by employers. The city also offers a high standard of living, safety and stability. With its large expatriate population, settling in Dubai is easier than other global cities.

Ground Realities of Working in Dubai


Facts on the ground might differ from perceptions. Cost of living in Dubai is quite high, negating some of the salary benefits. Lifestyle and culture are also very different from Ghana’s. Working hours can be very long in certain industries. While diversity is promoted, racism exists. To succeed here, you need to work hard and smart, and adapt to cultural norms.

Understand Dubai’s Job Market

Research skills in demand to match opportunities with your background and interest. Some sectors like healthcare, teaching, engineering regularly recruit foreigners. Jobs in sales, IT, construction may require specific training and certifications. Understand visa rules – most expatriates get employed on temporary work permits sponsored by employers.

Factor in costs like flight tickets, work permits, accommodation when negotiating salaries. Entry-level monthly salaries range from AED 2,000 for unskilled roles to over AED 20,000 for management jobs. Understand taxation – only income above AED 300,000/year is taxed.

Build Networks in Dubai

Dubai’s highly networked job market means referrals and contacts matter. Join LinkedIn groups like Ghanaians in Dubai, Dubai Jobs – that share leads and tips. Attend recruiting events by UAE firms in Ghana. Seek assistance from Ghanaian associations in UAE. Follow leading job sites and recruitment firms.

Optimize Application Documents

In the UAE, CVs are brief, ideally 2 pages. Tailor your CV and highlight accomplishments relevant to the job. Use a professional format with career objective and focus on quantifiable achievements. Exclude photos and personal details like age and marital status. Write a concise but personalized cover letter for every application.

Target Relevant Companies

Research your target firms on sites like Glassdoor. Focus on reputable employers and roles aligned to your skills, not just salaries. For instance, hospitality backgrounds apply to hotel chains like Jumeirah, retail profiles to malls like Dubai Mall. Study the organization’s culture and values to assess your fit.

Prepare for Interviews

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Practice answering common interview questions efficiently. Research your interviewers through LinkedIn and rehearse answers tailored to their priorities. Prepare examples that showcase skills needed for the job. Project confidence and strong work ethic. Dress professionally – business formal is preferred here. Send thank you notes post interviews.

Follow Up Persistently

The job search requires perseverance. Work with recruiters to improve applications. Be open-minded about roles and sectors. Follow up with employers periodically after applications and interviews. Seek feedback to improve your candidacy. Stay positive and keep applying. With the right mindset and smart preparation, your Dubai job dream can certainly become reality.


Landing a desirable job in Dubai from Ghana is an ambitious goal but achievable with diligent preparation and persistence. Do your research to target suitable roles that match your skills and experience. Optimize your resume and cover letters for the Dubai job market. Expand your professional network both in Ghana and the UAE to open up opportunities.

Prepare thoroughly for interviews to make a strong impression. Manage your expectations, be patient and persistent in your job search. While challenges exist, with hard work and cultural adaptability, your career aspirations in Dubai can be fulfilled. The financial and lifestyle rewards of working in this vibrant city are immense for those willing to work hard. Stay determined in your search, and you can surely join the many successful Ghanaians carving out careers in this dynamic Middle Eastern hub.

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