How to Check the Number of Sim Cards Connected to Your Ghana Card

Are you curious about the number of SIM cards connected to your Ghana Card? Whether you’re looking to manage your connections or simply satisfy your curiosity, knowing the number of SIM cards linked to your Ghana Card can be beneficial.

SIM cards in Ghana has all been re-registered or linked to Ghana Cards. It is essential to check after linking your Ghana Card, if the sim card is correctly linked.

The various Stakeholders involved in this process have provided Short Codes and portals to help people re-register or link their SIM cards to their respective Ghana Cards.


After linking your Ghana Card, it is required to crosscheck to be double sure that your SIM card has been correctly linked or updated to your Ghana Card to prevent any possible future problems.

In article, we will be talking about the different methods you can use to check the number of SIM cards connected to your Ghana Card.

How to Check Sims Linked To Your Ghana Card Via Short Code

If you are a citizen of Ghana or a foreigner who has the Ghana Card, for you to check how many SIM Cards are connected to your Ghana Card and also delink them, you can easily do so by following closely to the simple steps below:

  1. Dial *402*1# on your mobile phone.
  2. Select option 1 to check the number of sim cards
  3. Enter your pin on the Ghana Card. Make sure you do not add hyphens . for example GH 0000000072
  4. Enter your Date of Birth in a format like ( DDMMYY)for verification. For example 23021992.
  5. After verification, you will receive an SMS displaying the list of mobile numbers linked to your Ghana Card with their respective networks like MTN – 0244440000 – M, Vodafone – V – 050550000, and so on.

How to Check MTN Sims Linked To Your Ghana Card Via Registration Portal

  1. Visit the MTN SIM Registration Portal at
  2. Confirm that you understand their terms and conditions then proceed.
  3. Type in the phone number want to verify or confirm and proceed.
  4. Confirm the OTP to be received on your phone number (choose either yes or no if you have an alternate number).
  5. The OTP will be sent as text message for you to verify and then click on verify one time password.
  6. A pop up will appear to let you know if your SIM Card has been correctly linked or not.
  7. Additionally, you will be sent a text message as confirmation.

Assuming you find out that there are unknown numbers linked to your Ghana Card, make sure to request a delink to your Ghana Card immediately.

Why Is It Important To Link SIM Cards With Ghana Cards?

To link the sim card to the Ghana Card is a government directive and order to prevent fraudulent activities and also enhance national security.

As you link your sim card to your Ghana Card your identity is authenticated as your sim card is registered to your valid Ghana Card.

With this, it will be more difficult for criminals to engage in dubious activities like identity theft and sim card cloning.

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What Should You Do If You Find Unauthorized Sim Cards Linked To Your Ghana Card?

If you discover strange sim cards connected to your Ghana Card, you should contact your network provider as soon as possible to report the issue.

The mobile service provider will take action after investigating the issue reported. This action may include blocking the unauthorized Sim card and more.

What is the purpose of linking SIM cards with a Ghana Card?

The purpose of linking your sim card with your Ghana Card is to help prevent sim card cloning, identity theft, and unauthorized sim card registration.

What are the Consequences of Not Linking SIM Cards With Ghana Card?

If you do not connect your sim card to your valid Ghana Card your mobile service provider may block your sim card. If you fail to link your sim card to your Ghana Card you may be fined or imprisoned.


Being able to check the number of SIM cards connected to your Ghana Card is a valuable tool in managing your telecommunications services. By following the simple steps above, you can easily access this information and take appropriate actions if necessary.

Keeping track of your SIM card connections ensures better security, prevents unauthorized usage, and allows for efficient management of your mobile services.

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