NABCO December Stipend delays have made Christmas boring

It is now clear that the NABCO December Stipend will not be paid before the year ends. Very sad to say the least.

As a NABCO Trainee, this makes me sad and although I had predicted that something of this sort will happen, that doesn’t mean I still was able to keep the last GHS 700 payment for the festivities.

Christmas and New Year are times for us to celebrate and have fun with friends. If you are broke, you can read this article on how you can enjoy the season.


Well, it’s not just about having money to celebrate, but knowing that the hardwork you have put in for NABCO has been realised and you are being paid for it.

The most difficult part of the whole situation is that there has been no official release from NABCO concerning stipend payments.

The best we can go with is informants who have said that NABCO December Stipend has been delayed because they are waiting to pay all those who have not received their stipend for November.

We don’t even know how true that is and if this is true, how soon will December payments come after the November arrears have been paid?

To quote one other trainee: “… it is absurd that because some beneficiaries did not receive their November allowance, our December allowance should be delayed. We are in Christmas. How can we enjoy it without money?”.

Well, although I started this article by saying we may not receive the stipend this month, NABCO can just surprise all of us by paying it in before the year ends.

Nothing better than a proper end of year surprise. After all, most of us have worked for it and we deserve it.

The Christmas has been boring, dear NABCO, we don’t want to start the year without any motivation.

I am a proud Nation Builder.

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