This is why the December NABCO Stipend is delaying

Before everything else about NABCO and why the stipend has delayed, let me take this opportunity to wish you the best for the upcoming year, 2019 and thank you for sticking to through all the work we have been doing.

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A lot of people have been asking when the December Stipend will be paid, and a lot more have quizzed why their November Stipend is still not in.


The reaction in our email and social media channels shows there is a huge concern and the need for people to know their “left and right”.

So we set out to find out the truth.

Early this morning around 6 am, I spoke to a source close to the coordinator of Accra Metro. Accra Metro has a big case. It probably has the greatest number of Nabco trainees so the district mostly influences NABCO’s national decisions.

I spoke to the source asking him when the NABCO December Stipend will be paid. As we all know by now, there are only two working days left in this year, 2018.

According to the source, money for the payment to the trainees is ready. However, the payment has been delayed for a reason a lot of people might not agree with.

Let’s look at Accra Metro District again.

A lot of trainees in that district and a lot more across the country have still not received their NABCO November Stipend. Some of these people received messages all right, however, there was no cash in their E-zwitch accounts.

There is also another group that had errors with E-zwitch number. They have submitted the necessary paperwork but have still not received any payment whatsoever.

Our source explained that all those remaining for November Allowance will be paid before payment for December Stipend will be released.

This is being done in part to ensure equality at the workplace and also to prevent a scenario where NABCO will have disgruntled trainees.

This and other factors can lead to very low productivity and disdain towards NABCO.

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The source further explained that there could also be the scenario where the November arrears and the December Stipend will all be paid at once by NABCO.

So I moved on to ask about the dates these payments will be made.

According to the source, the team is working around the clock to make that happen at least before the year ends.

But we know they are all human, and there is only so much they can do. Therefore, it is likely these payments will be done early January 2019.

Remember, this source may not be a 100% accurate, but this is the best has got so far in terms of information in that area.

Once again, enjoy the best of the season as we wait for the allowance.

Ghana is working. I am a proud Nation Builder.

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