Price of Sarsaparilla in Ghana

Sarsaparilla, a plant which is popularly seen in South America and the Caribbean has recently gained popularity in Ghana for its medicinal abilities. It is a natural ani inflammatory, which is rich in antioxidants and can help the human system to fight against bacteria that causes damage to the body cells.

It is mostly use for skin problems such as eczema, acne and irritated skin and can also boost the immune system to fight against cold,flu and other respiratory diseases. One of the most popular uses of sarsaparilla in Ghana is as a natural aphrodisiac. It is believed to help increase libido and improve sexual performance in both men and women.

In this article, we will be talking about the price of sarsaparilla in Ghana and where you can get some to buy.

Other names for sarsaparilla


Sarsaparilla goes by many different names, depending on the language and country of origin. Some other names for sarsaparilla include:

  • salsaparrilha
  • hao yen
  • aparna
  • milace
  • milax
  • arzaparilla
  • upicanga
  • llseron epineux
  • alsepareille
  • arsa
  • ba qia

Price of Sarsaparilla in Ghana

Sarsaparilla has variation in its price. The seller determines how much he/she wants to sell to you. The price can also depend on some factors such as location, season and demand. In Ghana, a pack of sarsaparilla can be sold for around GHS 30 and above.

Factors Affecting the Price of Sarsaparilla in Ghana

1. Limited availability

The sarsaparilla plant is not popular in Ghana so most of the time, it is imported from Jamaica, Brazil and Colombia. With that, the import duties, transport and everything inclusion ends up increasing the price of the product.

2. Seasonality of the plant

Sarsaparilla is harvested during specific seasons, and during this time, the prices can increase due to high demand. During the rainy season in Ghana, sarsaparilla is in high demand as it is believed to help boost the immune system and fight off common colds and flu.

3. Transportation costs

Sarsaparilla can also be grown in Ghana even though they are not grown here as plenty as they are grown in some South American countries. It is typically grown in rural areas, which can be difficult to access. So with that, whenever they are brought into the city, it adds more price to it.

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4. Government regulations

If tariffs and high fees are placed on imports of sarsaparilla by the government, it ends up increasing the price. Also, when they are imported into the country as raw materials, other regulations on processing can have an impact in the price but getting it increased.

5. Demand

The demand for sarsaparilla in Ghana is also driven by its use in traditional herbal medicine. Many Ghanaians believe in the healing properties of sarsaparilla. They use it to treat a variety of diseases such as skin problems, digestive issues, and respiratory infections. With this, it makes people to regularly make demands and it has in turn also increase the price.

Where to find and buy Sarsaparilla in Ghana

Kaneshie Market in Accra is s a popular place for those seeking natural remedies. You can find a variety of herbal medicines, including sarsaparilla. Another place to find sarsaparilla is at health food stores. These stores specialize in selling natural and organic products, and they often have a section dedicated to herbal remedies. There are also online stores where you can get sarsaparilla to buy Online stores like Tonaton, Jiji Ghana, ubuy Ghana, etc.


Sarsaparilla is undoubtedly a valuable herb with many health benefits, and in Ghana, it’s readily available at herbal shops, health food stores, and from herbalists. When buying sarsaparilla, it is necessary to ensure that you are buy the right product.

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