Price of small generator in Ghana

Electricity supply can be unreliable in many parts of Ghana, leading residents and businesses to seek backup power sources. Small portable generators offer a convenient solution, providing electricity on demand. For Ghanaians looking to purchase a generator, understanding the pricing and what impacts costs is important. This article explores the key factors that influence the price of small generators available in Ghana.

Price of small generator in Ghana

Across the country, generator prices typically range from 1,000 to 5,000 GHS depending on size, brand, and features. Chinese brands like Su-Kam and Lifan offer more affordable options starting around 1,500 GHS for 0.8-1 kVA models. Higher-end brands like Honda and Yamaha cost more, with their 2-3 kVA generators going for 4,000 GHS and up. There are a number of considerations that determine where a model falls within this price spectrum.

Factors Affecting the price of small generator in Ghana


Size and Power Output

More powerful generators that can handle larger electrical loads cost more. Prices increase with higher kVA ratings.

Brand and Reputation

Well-known international brands are viewed as higher quality and command premium pricing. Lesser-known brands are more affordable.


Generators with electric start, longer run times, and advanced inverter technology have a higher sales price. Basic models cost less.

Transportation Costs

Import duties and shipping fees from manufacturing countries raise costs for foreign brands. Locally assembled generators can be cheaper.


Generator prices are often higher at retail outlets in urban centers versus rural areas due to higher overhead costs.

Demand and Availability

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When generators are scarce during high demand periods, prices typically increase. More availability brings lower prices.

Generator Type

Inverter generators cost more than conventional generators due to their advanced power regulation technology but provide steadier, cleaner electricity.


For Ghanaians seeking backup power, carefully weighing factors like brand, features, and costs helps find the right generator option at a reasonable price. Knowing the elements that impact pricing enables buyers to comparison shop effectively. With unreliable grid power an ongoing issue across Ghana, understanding generator costs is key knowledge for residents. Portable models provide a flexible solution for electricity needs, as long as customers evaluate their options and the pricing factors involved.

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