Price of permethrin cream in Ghana

Permethrin cream is an important medicated topical treatment used to eliminate scabies and head lice infestations. In Ghana, access to affordable healthcare products like permethrin is critical for the wellbeing of the population. Though permethrin is commonly used, its pricing in Ghana is influenced by several key factors.

For Ghanaians, understanding what impacts the cost of permethrin can provide valuable insight into accessing this vital medication. Awareness of the pricing factors enables individuals to better budget for and obtain the cream when needed.

Price of permethrin cream in Ghana

The price range for permethrin cream in Ghana is quite broad, generally falling between 5 to 50 GHS depending on the specific product and quantity purchased. The lowest end of the range represents basic permethrin creams sold in smaller tubes of around 30g. Higher-end prices correspond to larger volume packages and name brand formulations.


While the specific price paid can vary considerably based on precise details, most permethrin creams cost 10 to 30 GHS for a typical single treatment. Those seeking to minimize costs can often do so by purchasing generic brands and smaller tubes. However, larger volumes may offer savings long-term for frequent users.

Factors Affecting the price of permethrin cream in Ghana


Branded permethrin products from major pharmaceutical companies are typically priced higher than generic store brands with the same active ingredients. Name brands can be 40-50% more expensive.


Purchasing permethrin cream from large pharmacies and drug stores often comes with higher price markup versus buying from discount stores, local chemists, or online. Availability can vary by retail source.

Tube Size

The quantity and volume of cream in each tube heavily influences the overall cost. Larger 60-100g tubes are usually more economical per gram but have higher upfront cost.

Active Concentration

Creams with higher percentages of active permethrin tend to be priced higher though not necessarily more effective. Most standard formulations are 1%.

Imported vs Local Production

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Permethrin imports from foreign manufacturers can be pricier than locally produced generic equivalents due to import duties and taxes.

Healthcare Subsidies

Government and NGO healthcare subsidies on products like permethrin make it more affordable for disadvantaged populations. Lack of subsidies inflate costs.


The price one pays for permethrin cream in Ghana can vary substantially based on a number of factors. Those looking to obtain this common topical treatment can manage costs by selecting cheaper retailers, generic brands, smaller volumes, and leveraging any available subsidies. Being an informed consumer helps individuals and families budget appropriately for this important healthcare product. Considering pricing factors also sheds light on potential barriers to access that impact public health and wellbeing in Ghana.

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