NABCO January Stipend to be paid in badges, starting from Monday; Only some Trainees will Receive

After a warning from NABCO was issued to trainees, especially those who used Fake IDs, or didn’t report to work, but have been receiving stipends, NABCO is all set to pay deserving trainees their January stipends.

A lot of people have asked: “When will NABCO january Stipend be paid?”. The latest NABCO news today seem to be on payment of January Stipends.

It is already past 35 days since the last stipend was paid.


There seems to be a schedule to pay these stipends and the money will be rolled out in badges.

First Batch to receive NABCO January Stipend

The first set of trainees to receive their January stipend are those who have been PLACED/POSTED with an Employer and they have not DECLINED OFFER.

These trainees also should have UPDATED DETAILS and have UPLOADED their ASSUMPTION OF DUTY FORMS.

For them, they will be verified on the systems and payment of stipends based on their Updated Details will begin from Monday, March 04, 2019.

Second Batch to receive NABCO January Stipend

The next set of NABCO trainnes to receive their stipends will be those AWAITING PLACEMENTS/POSTING to an Employer and have not DECLINED OFFER.

The should have UPDATED DETAILS (excluding the assumption of duty forms because it was not available for them at the time of updates).

The verification and payment of their Stipends based on their Updated Details will start on Monday, March 04, 2019.

Hopefully, NABCO pays the stipends on time.

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