Listen: Information Minister Confirms NABCO December Stipend has been Released

A lot of NABCO Trainees were disappointed when stipend was not paid yesterday 8th December after a source disclosed to that it would be paid.

We have still been trying to reach our source to find out the reason for this non payment of stipend.

However, today, has an audio recording of what seems to be the Information Minister confirming that indeed the December Stipend has been paid.


In the audio, the Minister said they would discuss with Dr Anyaas on the issues that some Trainees are facing, especially those to do with the delayed payment of November Stipend.

15 seconds into the tape, he confirmed that November and December have been paid.

Although the audio was not very clear, he also mentioned the 2019 Budget, indicating that the money for the payment of Stipend has been prepared.

Fun Fact: About GHS 600 million earmarked for the rollout of Nation Builders Corps, (NABCO), in the 2018 budget presented to Parliament by the Finance Minister in 2017.

The Interview happened on STARR FM. Listen to the audio below.

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