NABCO February Stipend/Allowance to delay by one week due to new contracts

April is a pivotal month for NABCO trainees and the secretariat as such. This April will be the 7th month since NABCO officially kicked off.

In order to make sure the programme continues to run in the foreseeable future, to train more graduates and create new opportunities, there is going to be a new NABCO Contract for all trainees.

However, because there are some NABCO Trainees who are receiving Stipend even though they are not working, the secretariat is more likely to hold all stipend payments till they have delivered the new contracts to trainees.


Trainees will then have to sign the new contract before Stipends will be received.

There has been speculation that by the time all this is done, it will be around the 13th of April 2019 and stipend will be paid right after.

The trainees who complete the process will receive both their February and March stipends.

For trainees having issues with payment, they are to contact their District Coordinators for help.

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