How Much is the Price of Rose Ward in Ghana

The Rose Ward is one of the most popular and in-demand hospital wards in Ghana. It is known for its high level of care, top-notch facilities, and experienced medical staff.

Because it comes with great features, it also has a hefty charges.

In this article, we will talk about the cost of the Rose Ward in Ghana and what patients can expect to pay for treatment as well as factors that affects the price in Ghana.

Importance of Rose Ward in Ghana

  1. The Rose Ward is equipped with the necessary equipment and personnel to provide the high level of care needed.
  2. The Rose Ward provides individual rooms for patients to ensure that they have a quiet and private environment.
  3. The Rose Ward has strict infection control protocols in place to prevent the spread of infections.
  4. The Rose Ward is designed to provide comfort to patients through amenities such as comfortable chairs and beds.
  5. The Rose Ward has a team of trained professionals that provide emotional support to patients and families.

Price of Rose Ward in Ghana

On average, patients can expect to pay between GHS 1,500 to GHS 3,000 per day for treatment in the Rose Ward. The cost of treatment in the Rose Ward can vary depending on a number of factors including the type of medical treatment required, the length of stay, and the level of care needed.

Factors that affect the Price of Rose Ward in Ghana

1. Ward Type

The hospital offers various types of wards, including general wards, private wards, and VIP wards. General wards are the most affordable and offer basic amenities, while private and VIP wards provide more luxurious amenities and personalized care.

2. Location

Wards located in prime areas of the hospital or with a beautiful view will cost more than those located in less desirable areas.

3. Services Required

Patients with more complex medical needs will require more attention from healthcare professionals, which will increase the cost of their ward. Additionally, patients who require specialized services, such as intensive care or dialysis, will have to pay more for their ward.

4. Duration of Stay

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The longer a patient stays in the hospital, the more they will have to pay. Because, they will be consuming more resources and requiring more attention from healthcare professionals.

5. Time of the Year

During peak seasons, such as the Christmas holidays or summer vacation, the demand for hospital wards increases, and the prices go up. Patients who gets admitted during these periods will need to be prepared to pay more for their ward.


The cost of healthcare services in private hospitals is becoming unaffordable for the average Ghanaian. The government, private hospital owners, and all stakeholders in the healthcare sector must come together to find a lasting solution to this issue. Healthcare must be affordable to Ghanaians to ensure that no one is left behind.

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