Half plot of land price in Ghana

Ghana is a beautiful place to be. They have a fast growing economy for the real estate market, making it profitable to invest. Getting a plot to buy is not a difficult task in a country like Ghana but you must make sure you deal with a trusted dealer and not end up getting defrauded.

You must also do your research and understand the current market trends before making any investment decisions.

In this article, we will talk about half plot of land in Ghana and factors that influence the price of a half plot of land in Ghana and with a valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

How is half plot measured in Ghana?


The size of a half plot of land in Ghana is usually 100 x 50 feet, but you must note that, this figure changes everywhere depending on how the owner want to sell it. For example, a half plot of land in Kumasi could be either 90 x 40 feet or 100 x 40 feet, whiles in Accra, it could either be 100 x 100 feet or 100 x 70 feet.

Half plot of land prices in Ghana

When it comes to buying a plot of land in Ghana, the type of land has been categorized into two which is a full plot and a half plot. If a full plot of land costs GHS 16,000 in Ghana, you can buy half of it for GHS 8,000. There is no static price for a price of land in Ghana.

The amount you will pay greatly depends on the seller and the location of the plot. The price of land in Accra will not be the same as the price of land in Kumasi, Koforidua and Tema. Plots in the city is more expensive than plots in towns with less development.

The table below is an estimated prices of half plots of land in some cities in Accra. 

City Half price Of land 
Afienya GHS 11,000
Dawhenya GHS 30,000
East LegonGHS 50,544,298
Tema GHS 21,500,000
East airport GHS 1,200,00
Airport Residential AriaGHS 45,142, 720
Spintex GHS 338,750
Pokuase GHS 20,000
Kasoa GHS 17,500
Dansoman GHS 21,500.00
Ningo Prampram 166,061
Trassaco valley Estate GHS 301,112
North LegonGHS 200,000
Shaihills GHS 30,000

Factors Affecting Half Plot of Land Prices in Ghana

1. Location

Half plot of land in prime locations such as the city center or near major roads and amenities will typically be more expensive than those in remote areas. Properties in prime locations are in high demand, and their values appreciate faster than those in less desirable areas.

2. Infrastructure

Land in areas with good infrastructure such as electricity, water and roads will typically be more expensive than those without. Properties with access to essential amenities are more convenient to live in, and this increases their value in the market.

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3. Land use

Half plot of land that being purchased for commercial use, such as for building shops or offices, will typically be more expensive than those intended for residential use. Such Properties generate more income, and their value appreciates faster than purely residential properties.

4. Market conditions

When the demand for land property is high, prices tend to go up, and vice versa. This means that the price of half plot of land can fluctuate depending on the state of the market.

5 Size and Shape

Irregularly shaped land or land with difficult terrain may be more difficult to develop, and this may lower its value. Smaller plots of land may be less desirable than larger ones, and this can affect their price.

what can you build of a half plot of land

Below are some common types of residential buildings you can build on a half plot of land.

  1. A 2 bedroom flat with parking space.
  2. A 3 bedroom flat with parking space.
  3. A 4-bedroom flat with parking space.
  4. A one bedroom flat plus a unit of self-contain room with parking space.
  5. A bungalow comprising 2 units of 2-bedroom with parking space
  6. 4 units of mini-flats
  7. A 2 bedroom duplex with parking space
  8. A 3 bedroom duplex with parking space
  9. A 4 bedroom duplex with parking space
  10. A storey building comprising 4 units of 2-bedroom flats with some parking space
  11. A 3bedroom duplex plus 2 units of mini-flats with adequate parking space
  12. A 3bedroom duplex plus 2 units of 2bedroom flats with some parking space
  13. A 4-bedroom duplex with 2 units of mini-flats with some parking space
  14. A Semi-detached 3 bedroom duplex with adequate parking space


The price of half plot of land in Ghana can vary greatly depending on factors such as location, infrastructure, availability of utilities, among others. It is necessary for anyone looking to purchase a half plot of land to make a thorough research and seek guidance from professionals to ensure they get the best value for their money. Owning a piece of land in Ghana can be a great investment for both individuals and businesses.

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