Burglar proof designs and prices in Ghana

Burglar proof designs comes into the picture when it comes to securing your home or business. They are an important addition to your home or work place security systems.

Burglar proofs comes in various shapes snd sizes and has been designed with materials that can match any building’s design style. They are not only a visual deterrent but also a physical barrier that can prevent any unauthorized entry.

In this article, we will be talking about burglar proof, their prices and factors that affect the prices in Ghana.

Types of burglar proof designs in Ghana


1. Window bars

These are the most common types of burglar proof designs in Ghana. They are made of strong metal bars that are placed over windows to prevent intruders from entering.

2. Security door

These are reinforced doors that are designed to resist forced entry. They are made of steel or aluminum and come with locking systems that make them difficult to break.

3. Grilles

These are decorative metal grids that are placed on windows and doors to prevent unauthorized entry. They come in various designs and can be customized to match the building’s architectural style.

4. Roller shutters

These are doors or windows that can be rolled up or down to cover the opening. They are made of steel or aluminum and are an excellent deterrent against burglars.

Importance of burglar proof designs in Ghana

  1. Visible burglar proof measures such as security cameras, alarms, and strong locks can deter potential burglars from attempting to break in.
  2. Burglar proof measures can protect your property and valuables from theft, damage, and vandalism.
  3. Knowing that your property is secured with burglar proof measures can give you peace of mind and reduce feelings of anxiety or stress.
  4. Many insurance companies offer discounts on premiums for properties with burglar proof measures in place, as they are considered less risky.
  5. In some areas, having adequate burglar proof measures is a legal requirement for businesses, especially those that deal with sensitive or valuable information. Failure to comply can result in fines or legal action.

Burglar proof design prices in Ghana

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1. Window bars

Prices range from GHS 80 to GHS 200 per square meter.

2. Security doors

Prices range from GHS 800 to GHS 1,500 per door.

3. Grilles

Prices range from GHS 150 to GHS 400 per square meter.

4. Roller shutters

Prices range from GHS 1,500 to GHS 3,000 per square meter.

Factors that affect burglar proof design prices in Ghana

1. Size

The larger the area to be secured, the higher the cost of the burglar proof design.

2. Material

The type of material used for the design can significantly affect the price. Steel and aluminum are more expensive than other materials.

3. Design

The more complicated the design, the higher the cost. Customized designs can also be more expensive than standard designs.

4. Installation

The cost of installation varies depending on the complexity of the design and also with the one doing the installation.


Knowing that your property is well-protected gives you a peace of mind. The prices of burglar proof designs vary depending on several factors, but they are worth the investment that can save you from potential losses due to burglary.

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