Best Companies to Work at in Ghana  

Perhaps you have completed your one-year mandatory national service and need a job, or you have had a few years of work experience and want to try a new company, but you are not sure where to apply. The Asetena team has gathered a complete list of the best places you can work in Ghana. It will not be easy to get a job at these high-ranking companies, which range from manufacturing, oil, logistics, banking, and tech. Still, it does not hurt to try, especially if you have the needed working experience, relevant documents, and perhaps a little push from the man above.

The unemployment rate is high in Ghana, you would be fortunate to get a job at these companies, but we will teach you a few things. In the latter part of this article, you will know what it took for these companies to become the best or what you need to look out for when deciding on an excellent place to work.

Below are the best places you can apply to work here in Ghana.

  • Vodafone Ghana
  • Lister Hospital
  • MTN
  • Volta River Authority
  • Stanbic Bank
  • Ecobank
  • Ghana Commercial Bank
  • AirtelTigo Ghana
  • Unilever
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Oxford and Beaumont
  • Kotoka International Airport
  • Databank
  • Office of the President
  • Danida
  • Agriculture Development Bank
  • Tullow Oil
  • Deloitte
  • Guinness Ghana Breweries
  • Ghana Cocoa Board
  • Bank of Ghana
  • Nestle Ghana
  • Fan milk Ghana
  • DHL
  • Coca Cola
  • Enterprise Life Insurance
  • Tema Oil Refinery
  • Ashanti Gold Fields
  • Aqua Safari
  • PZ Cussions
  • Mcdan Shipping Company Limited
  • Despite Group
  • African Towers
  • Ghana National Fire Service
  • Ghana Ambulance Service
  • Ghana Immigration Service
  • Ghana Police Service
  • Ghana Armed Forces
  • Custom Service
  • Parliament
  • Various Media Houses
  • Ghana Revenue Authority
  • West African Examination Council

Now you are probably asking yourself what criteria were needed to put this list together. What makes these companies the best? How did they make their name, and why should you work with them?

A good company should be able to pay salaries and wages that allow its employees to live comfortably, and that is what these companies do. If you are working for any of these companies and still struggling financially, then perhaps you are misusing your money. Before they employ you, many of these companies are bent on beating your last salary. When they hire you, they offer creative benefits in addition to retirement savings. They can even offer free meals, bonuses when targets are met, free counseling, and wellness programs. Working with any of these companies means you are secured financially, for life, especially in the government sector.

These companies create a community where all employees and employers share a common vision of working hard to keep the company up on its feet. They celebrate milestones and special events, and they do not lay workers off unnecessarily. They change employee roles to help them better their skills and reward them when they deserve it. A happy employee is more likely to be productive.

Communication is essential in every relationship. These companies create an environment where communication plays a significant role in its development. An environment where employees can talk about their issues, share ideas to overcome financial and strategic challenges, and learn from approachable leaders. This is an important quality you will find in a good workplace. A work atmosphere where everyone is afraid to speak because of how their leaders will react is unhealthy. Employees also care about each other in a good company.

These companies have a good work environment. The relevant facilities are in place—canteen, air-conditioned offices, transportation, good ambiance for work and many more. When working in such an environment, you are likely to be more creative and productive; this explains why many people in small mobile money containers with no ventilation are always a little mean (no offense to them).

The companies also have passionate and dedicated employees. We mean, the employees who were there before you came. Most times, you go to a company for an interview and see how the employees are solemn and gloomy, and for a moment, you feel like you don’t want to be in that unhealthy environment.

These and many more are distinguished characteristics of a good company, like those we listed above. But how do you get a job at any of such places? Consider these;

  1. After your university education, apply to do your mandatory national service at these companies. While at it, display good work ethics like punctuality, assiduousness, and discipline, and they might maintain you afterward. You should also talk to and become acquaintances with approachable leaders in the company who might also put in a word for you.
  2. Make use of networking. Try and attend business and social gatherings, introduce yourself to people and tell them about your abilities. Ask around for opportunities; even the good book says you should ask, and it shall be given unto you. Make new acquaintances as well. As you are doing these, you need to display admirable traits that would attract people.
  3. Do not underestimate the power of recommendation. As you attend business gatherings and meet new people, the traits you have will push them to recommend you to new businesses. Wherever you find yourself at the moment, work hard, be friendly and disciplined, someone will see you and guide you to another friend. Nowadays, the employment system deals primarily on the “whom you know” scale.
  4. Go to school. Your school certificate plays a significant role when it comes to employment. Every level of education and the position you get. If you think a first degree will land you the job and function you desire, then work towards it. If you believe a master’s degree is what you need to land that job you have always wanted, then get it. You can never get a job at many of these companies unless you have that paper that shows that you have been to the university.


It can be challenging to get a job at these big companies, but no one said that it is impossible. All you need to do is to try. We will not bore you with motivational words. Gather the courage and apply to work with any of them today. Please make use of networking as well. It’s essential. Good Luck!

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