La MeMe Gang: All you need to know about the Music Group from Ghana

La Meme Gang is a group of various virtuosos great glass musicians made up of Nxwrth (who is also a producer), Darkovibes, Kiddblack, $pacely, KwakuBs and RJZ.

They released the La Meme Tape somewhere in September 2017.


The following are the tracks on the La Meme Tape:

  1. Calling Larry (Intro)
  2. Cherie (Feat $pacely, Darkovibes & RJZ) – Prod by NOVA
  3. Carbon [Night Life] (Feat RJZ, KwakuBs & Kiddblack) – Prod by Nxwrth
  4. Fitness (Feat Kiddblack, ABU & Hama) – Prod by Nxwrth
  5. Godzilla (Feat Darkovibes & Kiddblack) – Prod by Nxwrth
  6. Yaw Ming (Feat Spacely & KwakuBs) – Prod  by Nxwrth
  7. Mad Op (Feat Spacely & Darkovibes) – Prod by Nxwrth
  8. Lamuella (Feat Spacely, KwakuBs, RJZ, Kiddblack & Kwesi Arthur) – Prod by Nxwrth
  9. Pew (Feat KwakuBs, Kiddblack & RJZ) – Prod by Kuvie
  10. Yaa Baby (Feat Kwaku Bs & Spacely) – Prod by Nxwrth

Members of the La Meme Gang

  • Darkovibes
  • Kiddblack
  • Nxwrth
  • RJZ
  • $pacely
  • Kwaku BS

La Meme Gang show promising signs and foreshadow what the future may hold if Darkovibes, $pacely, RJZ, KwakuBs and Kiddblack who all sit between the 20 to 24 age group stay together for the long run and greater good.

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