How to Watch Dede Series online and on TV

Dede tells the story of a naive rural teenage girl who is deceived into leaving her family behind to work as a domestic help in the home of the Robertsons. A complicated family.

She falls in love with the youngest Robertson son while navigating her way through life. Sounds intriguing.

The series is directed by Shirley Frimpong Manso and stars Adomaa Adjeman, David Dontoh, Joselyn Dumas, Adjetey Annan, Lydia Forson, Gloria Sarfo and many other big names in the Ghanaian movie industry. 


Dede is a must-watch. But where can I watch it? You may ask.


Watch Dede on Showmax. All you need is a subscription, and you can watch on your mobile anytime and anywhere. Purchase either the Showmax entertainment Starter Plan or Showmax Pro Plan. The former costs only GHS 16.99 and the latter GHS 59.99. Pay, and you will not miss any action in Dede.

Did you know you can even watch it on DSTV? Yes, you can. However, it would help if you had the DSTV Explora box. That way, you can connect your decoder to an active Internet connection. Click “watch now” and select Showmax, sign in and start watching after you have paid your subscription.

Akwaaba Magic

Akwaaba Magic is a 24hr entertainment channel that offers a mix of locally produced content from Ghana. You can watch dede on the Akwaaba Magic channel on DSTV channel 150 and GO TV Supa channel 101 at 8 pm every weeknight.


Be sure to catch all of the Drama on the Dede series. It’s currently in its second season, and “the pressure is getting worser”.

What are you waiting for? Visit the Google play store or Apple store to download the Showmax application, sign up, pay the subscription and start on the first episode of Dede if you haven’t already.

Enjoy the exceptional acting of Adomaa in the leading role of Dede. Cry and laugh and gossip about relative characters in the story. Follow the story on Shirley Frimpong Manso’s social media as well.

The good news is your subscription will be well-spent just after watching Dede. There are other exciting movies and series to watch on Showmax! Akwaaba Magic also has various interesting Ghanaian programs you can watch for free.

Let us know your favourite character in the Dede series and why. Leave your answer in the comment section!

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