Canal Plus: Price, Packages & Channels in Ghana

Have you recently heard about Canal Plus (Canal+) and decided to subscribe for a different television experience at a low price? We will tell you all you need to know about the French premium satellite television to convince you to take on the course. First, what is canal plus? Where does it come from, and what do they air?

Canal Plus was launched in 1984 and is owned by Vivendi. They broadcast premium encrypted programs, including 90 French and many other international channels that air programs that cover the areas of entertainment, documentary, sports, news and more.

Their unencrypted programs can also be viewed free on Canal + and satellite on Canal + claire.


Canal Plus has stretched its wings to more than 30 countries across central and western Africa and has collaborated with Multichoice satellite television in Ghana. Canal plus introduces you to new and rich programmes, some you will never see anywhere else.

Packages and Prices on Canal Plus Television Subscription

The price of Canal plus decoder and the dish is different everywhere because of the numerous distributors, but if you have between GHS 200 and GHS 300, you can get one.

Below are the various packages on canal plus. There is one for everyone – enough to meet any budget.


245 channels, radios and services plus My Canal

Price is GHS 45/month


286 channels, radios and services plus My Canal

Price is GHS 80/month

Access +

183 Channels, radios and services with My Canal and Les Chaines

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The price is GHS 135/month

Escape +

310 channels, radios and services with My Canal and Les Chaines

The price is GHS 185/month

All Channel +

328 channels, radios and services, including My Canal, YouScribe and Les Chaines Canal +

The price is GHS 350/month

How to Renew Your Canal Plus Subscription

To recharge your Canal plus monthly subscription, you will need to visit their point of sale or dealers, which we will introduce to you. You can pay with cash. You are not to pay anything other than the amount attached to the package you subscribed to.

Dealers in Ghana

  • Cadmus Osu Agency
    • 7 14TH LANE, Cantoments Road, behind Koala
    • GHA001 ACCRA
    • Tel. : 0248277772
  • Hutton Mills Agency
    • AC Mall, East Legon
    • GHA001 ACCRA
    • Tel: (233) 277560651
  • Teara Services
    • Odanta Road
    • Cadmus Adenta Agency
    • Opposite the Adenta EP Church
  • Kaneshie
    • Tél. : 0244439086

Other shops are stretched out across the country, but their exact location has not been updated on the Canal Plus official website.

Canal Plus Contact

Seven days a week

from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

+33 1 41 22 11 55

Surcharged call depending on your operator

Programs aired range from;

  • News
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Documentary and Discovery
  • Essential series/entertainment
  • Among others

Get the Canal Plus Decoder and antenna from any of the outlets listed above or on at an affordable price, subscribe and enjoy a new television experience today.

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