10 Tips for New Photography Students

Photography is an art and requires skills. Thanks to the evolution of cameras, everybody tends to be a photographer these days. But the truth is a real photographer captures through his lens what others can’t see with naked eyes. According to writemypaper123.com, photography is an art that needs to be mastered. Photography is an action that lets you capture time and preserve it. The memories are priceless and so every shoot matters.

We have listed some tips for new photography students, which will help them in mastering their skills to a higher level.

Shoot RAW

This is very important if you do not want your images to lose quality. Images shot in RAW are easy to edit and never lose quality how much ever editing is done. The RAW images preserve quality better than the jpeg images. They are also easy to edit on various platforms. Plus, no matter how much changes are done in the images, RAW images hardly lose their quality.


For experimental purposes, you can shoot the same image in RAW and jpeg. Do the same editing, and you will notice the difference easily.

So always shoot in RAW setting, no matter how underexposed or overexposed a scene or capture is!

Don’t Delete Images Too Quick

Once you take a shot and view it in your camera LCD, keep it even if you don’t like it. Pictures differ in viewing on the camera LCD and on the laptop screen. So, delete them only once you have seen them on the editing screen on the laptop and are not satisfied.

The images seen on the camera LCD do not show you the details of the picture. Of course, you zoom, but still opening the image on the big screen makes a huge difference. You can see all the details of the image at once.

Do Not Buy Expensive Gear

This does not make sense initially. You really need good experience and the best practice of the photography skills before you go to buy any expensive gear for the camera. So, for the beginner stage, just try to shoot the best with what you have.

Plus, when you work with professional or experienced people, you will understand the importance of gears. And also have complete knowledge about them. Just buying equipment without the necessary knowledge would be a waste of money.

Experiment with Different Angles

The more you shoot from top, bottom, horizontal, vertical angles, the more varied pictures you get. You come to know your skills and this experimenting of angles, leads to getting an array of the same image from interesting angles.

This will help you in the future to determine which angle to use for the perfect shot. You will exactly know how to use the light to your benefit.

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Study the Light

Light is the most important aspect of photography. So, to get the right photos you need to really study the light. Understand the different angles and take photos experimenting with the light. Once you understand the right angles considering the light there is no stopping you.

Some photos are meant to be taken opposite to light and some with the light to get the particular effects. So, studying the light is very important in getting the type of photos you want.

Try Everything

From objects to people, from nature to events, try your hand at each and everything. You really need to diversify your shooting skills. There should be all types of photos in your bounty. The proper experience will determine what you are best at and then you can pursue accordingly.

Corporate events may sound boring. But wait till you capture the event through your lens to get a whole new perception of the event. The details of the ties and suits and body language are sure to awe you to take photos.

Set a Work Routine

Clicking photos with the right light is easy. But then sorting your work, making the necessary changes, storing them in folders is a task you should get in flow with. The camera/ laptop should not be just loaded with photos. They should be sorted, edited, and kept ready for use or display. Getting in this workflow routine is as important as clicking photos.

Get Professional Experience

You should be ready to work under a professional photographer for learning new things and technicalities. Any type of professional experience will benefit you. So, don’t hesitate in working.

Try doing an internship whenever possible to get the right education and experience.

Never Miss an Opportunity

Just capture the moment whenever you feel that it needs to be captured. The best masterpieces are made out of candid moments. So, make sure you keep your lens ever ready to shoot the most unexpected beautiful images. You never know what turns out to be your best masterpiece.

Take Reviews Positively

Display your work in front of your audience. They may be your friends or acquaintances. If you keep a show, there may be a completely strange audience. Take reviews and see what people like in your work and what are your areas of improvement. This lets you get an outside view of your work.

So, once you keep in mind the little things, the skills will come in automatically. Thanks to today’s camera, clicking amazing photos have been made easier but a professional is a professional. Capturing the right moment with the details is an aura of a photographer. The right amount of practice will make sure that you get to the place where you want.

Capture mesmerizing sunsets, beauties of nature, candid moments, and all that you can. Serve the audience with a platter of your best moments and see you can redefine the moments how others see them. Just hold the lens right and let the world see the world through your eyes.

Let the journey of your photography be unique in its own way. Reward yourself with your plethora of photos. Photography is a skill waiting to be mastered by your uniqueness.

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