You shouldn’t attend the NABCO Demonstration unless . . .

From what we have gathered about the NABCO Demonstration, a lot of Trainees are really interested in it, and rightly so.

NABCO has failed to pay trainees over the last two months and some other trainees have net received Stipend since November.

In the past, whenever trainees “planned” to go on a demonstration, a stipend in is paid in a day or so, and all talks of demonstration go down.


NABCO Trainees, like all other Ghanaians must be law abiding.

One thing that is required for a Demonstration, especially one of this kind is a written letter to the police, and an adherence to the Public Order Act.

So far the organisers of this Demo have failed to produce this document to anyone at all.

Unless this document is provided, please don’t attend the demonstration. We understand it is for a good cause, but it must be done right.

Don’t give the police the chance to beat you up or assault you. Let’s get stuff sorted with the police, then organise the NABCO Demonstration better.

Don’t attend the NABCO Demonstration which has been planned for this Tuesday, unless there is prove that it is lawful.

We are not against the demonstration, but we don’t want to lose any lives just because we acted carelessly.

Share with your friends, let’ be safe.

Thank you.

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