Types of Ghacem Cement: Uses, Prices, and Benefits

Every day, there is construction work being carried out in different parts of the country. Everyone wants to build something small, live in, work in, or sell, and what is one cement brand must of them use and why?

Ghanaians love Ghacem. It is a strong binder and has been in the business for a very long time.

Founded by the Government of Ghana in collaboration with Norcem AS of Norway, Ghacem has been one of the leading manufacturers is cement in the country.

Types of Ghacem Cement


They have three grades of cement, each serving its purpose. Generally, cement is used as a binder in building and construction, but Ghacem has three types of cement, each used in different construction fields.

They are;

  1. 50kg Ghacem Super Strong( 42.5R)
  2. 50kg Ghacem Super Rapid (32.5R)
  3. 50kg Ghacem Extra(42. 5N)

Uses of the Various Grades and How Much They Cost

The Ghacem Super Strong (42.5R) costs GHS4O and is used in moulding blocks and precast products. Following it closely is the Ghacem Super Rapid(32.5R), which comes at GHS 40. It is used for plastering, mixing concrete, moulding blocks, and laying bricks.

The Ghacem Extra (42.5N) is GHS 41 and is very strong and used only for heavy structure application.

Bulk per ton of Ghacem Super Strong (42.5R) costs GHS832

Bulk per ton of Ghacem Super Rapid (32.5R) costs GHS 825

Bulk per ton of Ghacem Extra (42.5N) goes for GHS869

Ghacem disclosed these prizes on the 27th of January, 2021.

Apart from manufacturing cement, Ghacem takes on philanthropic efforts. The Ghacem foundation is what it is called.

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It was established in 2002 and is governed by Nana Prah Agyeinsaim VI, Professor Audrey Gadzekpo, and Mr. Morten Gade. It is a three-tier program cutting across the areas of health, education, and societal development.

What is Ghacem Group Doing for Ghana?

For the health sector, Ghacem distributes cement for the improvement and structural development of health facilities in the country, which is such a good initiative, considering the health sector could use some help to build new hospitals and clinics in the country.

Ghacem distributes cement for the development of educational facilities. Education is critical; building new schools is precisely what Ghana needs, especially in the rural areas.

They also execute developmental projects around quarry sites and other places of influence.

Ghacem has provided jobs for many young individuals in the country. They manufacture and distribute cement to construction sites.

K. Ofori Limited and Nana Leaky Gyan Company Limited are two of the most famous building material distributors.

The vision of Ghacem is to become the best and most renowned cement manufacturing company in Ghana and beyond.

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