The Real Reason the NABCO Demonstration did not come off

Trainees around the country were supposed to rally behind the coalition of NABCO Trainees for the first ever NABCO Demonstration to demand unpaid salaries.

However, during the week, NABCO paid part of the salaries (for February only) to trainees and organisers of the demonstration suspended the demonstration right after.

However, the organisers of the demonstration maintained that the demonstration will come off, if all of their demands were not met.


Let’s look at a list of their demands:

  • Unplaced Trainees be placed to start work
  • All Stipends paid to date
  • Regular payment of stipends

By paying just the February Stipend, none of these three demands have fully be met. Therefore why cancel the demonstration?

A source close to has alleged that the organisers of the demonstration were not able to get the needed Police permission to carry out the demonstration.

The police did not agree with the date and time as well as the location because they thought it was too short of a notice.

The source also said that the main organisers of the demo have been talked to by some people in power to remain calm because all the grievances of NABCO Trainees will be sorted.

This will explain why the latest communication from the association of NABCO Trainees stated they respected the rule of law, the primary reason they could not go ahead with the demonstration.

For now, let’s hope the demonstration scare will force the NABCO secretariat to pay out March Stipends as soon as possible.

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