How to submit your details to receive your NABCO November Stipend

All the Nabco coordinators are having an emergency 3-day workshop at Sunyani.

The Latest directive from the ministry of finance is such that, these details of Nabco applicants are to be collated and submitted by 2 pm on Monday to ensure the processing of November allowance.

Whether you have been placed, still awaiting placement or pending, you are all required to submit the above information for your November stipends.

Details to be submitted for NABCO Stipend


Nabco number
E-zwich number
Contact (Make sure this is always active)

You are to get in touch with your district coordinator of his/her RTC.

You can download the contacts of all the RTCs here and select the one for your district.

Download: all-nabco-rtc-region-district-ghanaa

Password to the file is

Anyone who doesn’t provide these details won’t receive November allowance.

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