Some NABCO Trainees threaten to quit over unpaid Stipends

The Nation Builders Corps trainees have today threatened the government to stop work since their monthly allowance hasn’t been paid.

Traineesof the Nations Builders Corps, NABCO in the Ashanti Region have threatened to boycott work over the government’s failure to pay the due Dec, stipend.

In an interview with some of the trainees of NABCO, they emphasized how life has become unbearable for them since the government refused to settle them.


“We can’t handle this hardship again, the government should not compare Nabco to YEA which nearly collapsed, in fact, we are graduates and we won’t sit for such hardships to happen to us, we won’t go to work until our December stipend are been paid”, they cried.

Moreover, they narrated that, if indeed the officials of the program would handle it this way, and not communicate appropriately, then the government should face their wrath coming 2020 election.

“We support the government but if we are going to work without payments and we need to rely on our parents for survival ,then indeed 2020 , we will show them as we did to the opposition party, if the government doesn’t want such to happen, then they should back up and pay us as soon as possible”, they expressed.

It could be recalled that the trainees have received only one month salary, out of the almost 3 months they have worked. Some trainees on the other hand have not been placed at all.

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