Some NABCO Trainees have received January Stipend even though there was no message

It has just been past 12 hours after the payment of Januray 2019 stipend/allowance, some people have raised concerns as to why they have not yet received their money.

Checks by has revealed that a lot of the verified trainees in all 10 regions have received their stipends.

However, one thing is clear so far: it appears that not all those who were paid received messages. Therefore, trainees should visit the Bank to load their e-zwich for verification.

Are those who have not been placed been paid their NABCO January Stipend?


Yes. Checks by show that a lot of people who have currently not been placed but updated their information have received the message to withdraw their money.

NABCO promised to pay for all of those people so it comes as no surprise.

If you didn’t receive a message, you should go to the Bank or an E-zwich ATM and try to load your card.

It has worked for a lot of people. Happy Independence Day.

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