Stipend Update: Only NABCO RTCs have been paid February Stipends; not all Trainees

Although some NABCO Trainees have received Stipend for February 2019, We at can confidently confirm that these are only RTCs across the county.

The Research & Training Corps (RTC) are at least two in every one of the 123 districts in the country.

This means that out of the 10,000 NABCO Trainees, only 246 (2×123) have been paid.


This explains why our sources accross the country have only a limited amount of screenshots to share.

Although NABCO has not come out with an official statement, it is very likely that other Trainees will be paid soon.

For now, it seems trainees are trying to organise a demonstration to voice out their problems, which includes the delayed stipend/allowance payment for the last two and three months.

NABCO needs to sit up and work hard at paying stipends on time. As it stands now, half of the month that trainees are supposed to use to work, they are on social media complaining.

That really affects productivity negatively.

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