Official Message from NABCO on Decline, Assumption of Duty and Pending Trainees

Dear NABCO Trainee,

Kindly follow the instructions below to update your status on the NABCO Scheme. This request should be treated as urgent; all trainees are expected to respond to this directive by 5.00 pm on Friday 8th February 2019.

Update your Details on NABCO Portal

You have been sent a text message to update your details: correction of personal details, telephone contacts, eZwich numbers, the agency of placement among other details.


Placed trainees will also have access to the Assumption of Duty Form. You are required to print and have it authorised by your agency Heads and District Coordinators; once done please UPLOAD back unto the system.

Locally Placed NABCO Trainees

PLEASE NOTE: Those who have been locally placed by District Coordinators (and not by the Central System) should not worry, they will also have to execute the updates without the assumption of Duty.

This will be resolved once data from Districts are completely reconciled unto the system.

Those who have Declined the NABCO Offer

DECLINE OF NABCO OFFER: As a voluntary scheme, you have an opportunity to officially exit even at this stage; simply give NABCO feedback on reasons for your exit: be it permanent employment, further education and entrepreneurship and others.

REMEMBER that once an offer is DECLINED by you, the system automatically removes you permanently.

Those Still Awaiting Placement

AWAITING PLACEMENT: If your status says awaiting but you have recently been offered placement locally, please update your records. For all other trainees awaiting placement, you are required to update your details on the portal as indicated earlier.

However, unplaced trainees can only have access to print and upload their Assumption of duty forms, after they have been processed formally for their work experience.

Hope for those who mistakenly Declined

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NOTE: If you mistakenly DECLINE or are on PENDING Selection please await a further notification offering guidance on the next steps. In all cases, however, please make the DISTRICT your first point of contact to resolve these issues.

Deadline to submit forms

DEADLINE: 5:00 pm Friday 8th February 2019. Failure to Update us on the system shall be taken to mean consent to be withdrawn from the scheme; with no right of return.

Thank you.

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