Nurse Assistant Clinicals: Entry Requirements, Duties, Salary & Uniform in Ghana

The nurse assistant clinical program goes on for two years. It helps equip students with the basic knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to enter the healthcare system as practicing nurses.

The program is ideal for people whose results will not permit them to pursue diploma or degree programs.

As an assistant clinical nurse, your duties are simple and easy. But before we get to that, check out the requirements that you need to meet before applying to any of the health training schools below;

Requirements for Auxiliary Programme ( Certificate in Assistant Clinicals)

AGE18-35 Years18-35 Years
OVERALL AGGREGATESA cut aggregate score of 48 or better in six subjects which include three core and three electivesA cut off aggregate score of 30 or better in six subjects which include three core three electives
CORE SUBJECTS AND MINIMUM GRADESAt least passes (A1 – E8) in three core, thus English, Science and MathsAt least passes (A-E) in three core subjects thus English, Science and Maths
ELECTIVE SUBJECTS AND MINIMUM GRADESAt least A1- E8 in three elective SubjectsAt least A – E in three elective Subjects

Difference Between the Nurse Assistant Jobs

There are two nurse assistant jobs. The assistant clinical and preventive. The nurse clinicians work on patients who are already ill by caring for them while at the hospital.

Preventive nurse jobs are geared toward the community. They must educate the community about their health in a way that will help them prevent sicknesses.

Duties of Nurse Assistant Clinicians

  • The duties of nurse assistant clinicians include the following;
  • They educate patients on how to maintain good health
  • They make the bed for patients
  • They are involved in washing and cleaning
  • Clinicians accurately record patients’ vital signs
  • They also assist patients in daily living activities such as bathing and eating.

Uniform Worn by The Assistant Clinical Nurse

Assistant clinical nurses wear the green uniform but with a green collar, unlike the diploma nurses who also wear the green but with a white collar.

When they are in school, they wear the same thing, but their level is indicated on the short sleeve. This means there are two small white bands on the sleeve if the nurse is in her second year of study and one small band if she is in her first year.

The males also wear white short sleeves and khaki trousers in school.

Salary Of Nurse Assistant Clinicians

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Including taxes and other deductions, below are the salaries received by clinicians at the end of every month here in Ghana;

Between GHS 1200 and GHS 1,500


All the health training schools offer this certificate course. It only takes two years, and you can get a job as a nurse clinician. All you need to do is first meet the requirements. If you want to get a degree or diploma in the future, you can start here, and after a few years, you can top up at any of the institutions.

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