No Payment, No Work! Nabco Trainees Who Resigned From Youth In Agriculture Extension (YEA) To Join Nabco Seeks For Answers Why They Have Not Been Paid From November Till Date

This is a quick reminder that the resignees of Youth in Agriculture extension (YEA) have still not received their stipends from NABCO since November till date meanwhile, the youth employment agency has also not been paying as since November following the resignation.

The most critical aspect of it is that these are family men and women who are posted under the feed Ghana Model to work in various operational areas.

These young men and women rent rooms to stay and work, we pay light bills, we feed and more importantly we fuel our machines moving too and fro to visit farmers.


What we can say is that life has become very unbearable, tension is on the increase and people are becoming frustrated each day.

Our humble plea is that you use your good office as Chief Executive Officer of NABCO to coordinate effectively by bringing all stakeholders to this issue on board to expedite action such that we get our November, December and January payment.

Counting on your cooperation.

By resigned members of Youth in Agriculture extension.


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