NABCO: Where will applicants from each module be working at?

Under the Ministry of Trade and Industries, various trades and Industries, NGOs, Banks, Companies and privately owned businesses are coming together to recruit nation builders where the government shall be in charge of the training.

Enterprise Ghana

So with Enterprise Ghana the catchment area is very wide. You may be posted to a business company based on the district in which you find yourself.

Some districts have fewer whiles others can occupy a lot. But in all, each and everyone will be placed in a sector which can help enhance the builder’s skills and experience.


Digitize Ghana

Digitized Ghana builders will be placed in the core of all IT needed institutions most importantly then NIA, STATISTICAL SERVICES, and district services, NHIA.

With the TIN it’s very important for every Ghanaian worker henceforth very important.

Many Coordinators are collating lists and forms of every builder so that the GRA can work on it faster.

Civic Ghana

Nabco shall assign most Civic GH builders to mainly engage in research for Nabco. For that, all funding and authorization shall come from National. Apart from that, any activity sanctioned by an MIP/Employer shall be overseen by the employer.

Other Things to Note

Your employer will tell you the job description.

So don’t worry there will be no additional money from NABCO except it’s authorized.

Your engagement letter must be sent to either your preferred district or the district you had your interview. If not, it will be missing and will make your posting difficult.
Concerning the allowance, I will say you shall all be paid immediately we are able to place you all on board and sort out all irregularities.

Bear in mind NABCO begins with you so give the NABCO team the best information so that things can run smoothly.

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Again, if we (NABCO Applicants) work well it will be to our own advantage. The exit plan (whether you will be retained or not) for each one of you depend on your hard work.

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