NABCO Updates on Passing Out, Heal Ghana, Placement and Ceremonial Cloths

October 11 2018 Updates on NABCO

The passing out ceremony will come off on Wednesday, 17th October 2018 as planned.

Platform manners

Platform Manners: Nation Builders, am saddened and disappointed about some of us our attitude on the platform (Facebook Group). This platform is created to disseminate information and to seek clarity to issues. Any foreign materials that intrude into this platform would not be accepted, henceforth. Such persons who vehemently violate this rules would be sanctions.

Passing Out Ceremony


Passing Out Ceremony: The Ceremony still comes off on Wednesday 17th October 2018. Everyone who belongs to this class “Nation Builder” he or she is not exempted. No excuses, whatsoever.

Ceremonial Cloths

Ceremonial Cloths: The cloth are expected to be delivered to the regions as at yesterday and to trickle down to our respective Districts but we did not receive it. Whether or not, we would be using the cloth next week would be communicated to us by close of business today.

Institutional Placement

Institutional Placement: Placements may commence today and we might start work on Monday 15th October 2018.

Preferred District

Preferred District: The preferred District we have chosen during the process remain unchanged, irrespective of where you had your interview.


Transfers: Transfers from one District to another are not allow. However,  extraneous circumstances may be permitted.


Pending Issues: Our colleagues who are still pending must use the support site – www. to resolve their issues.

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Heal Ghana

Heal Ghana, a majority of them are still pending due to Nurses and Midwifery Council to authenticate their PIN, as soon as that is done they would cleared to proceed, that should be expected by 17th October 2018.

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NABCO: The Nation’s  Trusted Workforce Partner

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