NABCO District Orientation: All you need to know and numbers to call

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NABCO District Orientation starts from Tuesday, September 25th to the 28th 2018. Check out the details below:

Day and Date Activity Venue Stakeholders/Partners

25th September 2018

  • Engagement Letters
  • Proof of Identity (National ID)
  • Copy of eZwich card
District Assembly Office Module Implementation Partners (RFPs and DFPS)/ MMDA HR or Planning Officer/NABCO Research and Training Corps (RTC)/NSS

26th September 2018

Metropolitan Municipal and District Assembly – Member of Parliament Day District Assembly MMDA; MPs; MIPs; NABCO

27th September 2018

Work Readiness and Etiquette Training

Day 1 – GRA Tax Identification Numbers

District Assembly


Online Training Content

Training Partners

28th September 2018

NABCO Day – All about NABCO and Administration

GRA Tax Identification Numbers – Day 2

District Assembly/GRA Offices/ Placement Location Ghana Revenue Authority




October 1

Preparation for Regional Passing Out Ceremony Report to your District Office MMDA



3rd October 2018

National/Regional Passing out Ceremony Regional Capitals The Presidency; Min. Information


Civil Society and Media

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

5th to 7th October 2018

District Passing Out Ceremonies


Institutional Placement Notifications

District Office MIPs



More Information on the Nabco Orientation


Message from NABCO:

As per the attached schedule, NABCO orientation begins at the District level from tomorrow Tuesday, September 25, 2018 at 11 am to end Friday, September 28, 2018.

All Hon. MMDCEs are entreated to support the trainees on arrival at the District offices for Registration to work in their Districts. We recommend a designation of the District Human Resource (HR) or Planning Officer to assist with the registration and to receive the documents requested from the applicants with the support of Module Implementation Partners (MIPs) where available:

  1. Engagement Letter
  2. Proof of ID
  3. Copy of eZwich where available

We count on MMDCEs for the provision of suitable venue within the District for the entire duration of the orientation leading to the commencement of work. Please bear in mind that based on the size of the District and number of constituencies within your district, alternative provision might have to be made to accommodate trainees in your district during the Orientation.

Our Module Implementation Partners (MIP) are required to attend and assist with Registration of trainees; through their designated District Focal Persons (DFPs), under the directive by their Regional Focal Persons (RFPs) and Designated Headquarters Officer for the MIP.

We encourage all MIPs to participate during the orientation to provide valuable guidance during the sessions to the NABCO trainees placed under their module. Institutional placement lists will be made available between the 27th September and 8th October 2018.

For further information, please contact our designated NABCO Regional Officers on the numbers provided below.

All pending applicants should expect notification to check their status before the scheduled orientation.

Please note that you are required to upload a signed copy of your Engagement Letter upon selection and bring the originals to the Day 1 at the District Level Orientation.

Please visit the website for all news and updates on NABCO

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For further information please contact our NABCO Regional Officers on the following numbers:

Ashanti – 0208226216

Western – 0248153101

Upper East – 0242566795

Greater Accra – 0208052652

Brong Ahafo – 0206367573

Central – 0244108059

Upper West – 0244987331

Northern – 0244019437Eastern – 0243204125

Volta Region – 0242668325Or

Email: [email protected] (stating District/Region/Organisation in the Subject Line)

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