NABCO Trainees with USN Problem should Update their info to receive Stipend

All NABCO Trainees with USN Problems due to wrong E-zwich number are supposed to log in on the official NABCO Portal to update their information.

This applies to both Trainees who have been placed and those who have not been placed.

Also, all other trainees who wish to update their information due to some mistakes can change the following:

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Other Names
  • Phone Number
  • ID Type
  • ID Number and
  • Ezwich Number

Some people who don’t receive SMS may also input their active phone numbers to do so.

Once you have updated the information, click on “save” to be sure it was sent to NABCO.

NABCO is working around the clock to make sure that all information is correct to enable all those eligible to receive stipend do so.

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