NABCO: Everyone can register at the District from Tuesday to Thursday

Whether you have a “No Show” or “Pending” status on your NABCO Application, there is good news for you.

A friend saw this message on WhatsApp this morning (Tuesday):

Please understand Nabco people has problem with THIER electronic system so they are doing the registration manual so all who registered and were able to print their placement letters and are pending should please report to THIER preferred district and register Note registration is done only today up to 5pm thank you.

I had wanted to share the information here but there was no confirmation, so I decided to first confirm.


Two friends of mine who had a no-show and a pending have successfully been able to register.

They were both in the Greater Accra Region. One was in the Ashiaman District and the other was at Ga North.

However, if the first district you chose as the preferred district is near you, you should check there first.

Although the message said that registration will end today, I can confirm to you that not everyone was able to register so if you couldn’t make it today, you should go tomorrow.

If you are unable to go on those days, maybe you should go on Thursday, but that is not advisable.

When going, make sure you have your Nabco Application for, engagement letter (if you have), Voters ID or Driver’s license and an E-Zwitch card.

For the Ezwitch card, you can get at any bank. Most people have said that they got from UniBank, EcoBank and ADB. You can also use the card from your National Service.

Please note that some people who went to some districts got rejected. So you should check out from your district first.

For more information, call the official NABCO numbers.

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