Breaking News: NABCO December Salary has been paid after 50 days of waiting

NABCO December Stipend has been paid on the evening of Thursday, 24th January 2019, after Trainees threatened to go on demonstration the next day.

It will be recalled that NABCO said earlier on that they had to verify the e-zwich numbers of all Trainees before stipend payment can be made.

Messages started rolling out around 10:12 pm on the evening of Thursday, 24th January 2019 indicating the payment has been processed.


It took 50 days for this stipend to be paid (last payment was on 5th December 2018).

Trainees can now withdraw their money via e-zwich at any Bank nationwide.

It is not yet clear if the salaries for January will still come on time.

However the case, it appears NABCO Trainees would have to use this stipend to celebrate Valentine.

However, the good thing is that some monies have been paid and trainees can withdraw them at the nearest bank that support e-zwitch.

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