CHEATS! Names of NABCO Coordinators stealing from NABCO Trainees

Cheats Update

  1. The NABCO Coordinator for Shama District, Frederick Botchway is forcefully asking trainees to pay GHS 30 and GHS 35 for males and females respectively in order to sew the clothes for trainees. Many of the trainees are against the idea yet he refused to distribute the clothes.
  2. The NABCO trainees in Twifo Atti-Mokwaa district are suffering in the hands of their Coordinator/RTC on the validation and collection of time sheet for not paying compulsory welfare dues of 10 cedis each month starting from January to this month. MR Arthur Emmanuel the coordinator and his RTC Amakey stated clearly to the trainees that they will not validate or take the signed time sheet of trainee if they don’t pay the welfare dues.
  3. Prestea Hunivalley Municipal Assembly – Mr Ofosu ( 0207654** ) is taking GHS 35 so that all trainees can sew from a particular tailor.

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Sometimes, in the field of work, people who you share fidiciary relationships will want to take advantage of that relationship to make some money for themselves.


Ever since the beginning of the NABCO programme, trainees have been at the “mercy” of NABCO District Coordinators who have seen and are using their position to enrich themselves financially as well as getting other “favours”, sometimes sexually.

Make no mistake, there are very good coordinators, however, the bad ones are setting a precedence, which when not checked could soon become the norm.

Take for instance the time NABCO trainees were supposed to go to the Black Star Square for the inauguration (passing out) ceremony. Some Coordinators used it as an opportunity to take as much as GHS 70 from Trainees in order to give them a bus to the location.

Those who did not pay or in most cases, did not have the funds to pay were threatened that their documents will not be signed. At the end of it all, a lot of the NABCO trainees who didn’t pay never received the NABCO T-Shirt.

Does a NABCO trainee have to be at the mercy of his/her district coordinator always?

Also take the more recent case of the NABCO Cloth.

A lot of trainees is districts all over the 16 regions of Ghana are being asked to pay a specified amount, usually GHS 30 to GHS 60 before they can receive their NABCO cloth.

Why should a cloth which is free be paid for? According to some of these coordinators, they want everyone to sew the cloth and not just take it.

A genuine concern, I will think, but not when you charge trainees more than the market price in their own districts. Even trainees who have their own tailors are being asked to pay this money.

To ensure that the trainees pay, the NABCO coordinators are threatening them with their monthly time sheets. Coordinators have only signed for those that have succumbed to their thievery.

God bless all of the good coordinators doing what they have been assigned to do without abusing trainees.

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And for those who think this is an avenue to enrich themselves or satisfy their selfish desires, Posterity will be the best judge.

God bless Ghana,
God bless NABCO.

Let us name and shame those doing that. If you know any coordintor doing this, just send the name to us on WhatsApp.

For now, we have for the following districts:

  • Asante Akyim North
  • Sekyere South
  • Kwabre East Municipal
  • Cape Coast Municipal
  • Sekyere Central
  • Assin Central

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