NABCO Trainees will soon have to fill the NABCO time sheet before they receive stipends

Yesterday, 24th of January 2019, some trainees reportedly receive their NABCO Stipends. It took about 50 days for these trainees to receive their stipend.

NABCO has said that one of the causes of the delay of the stipend is that they have had to validate all the e-zwich accounts.

It is believed this is to further prevent USN problems or to weed out those who were already working.


The latest development from the side of the NABCO Secretariat, at least in some districts show that NABCO is introducing a new time sheet which must be filled and submitted by each trainee.

The one page document is comprehensive as it has a check in and check out time for each day of the month,

There is also a column to put in sick days in case a trainee is sick.

You can download a copy of the sheet here:

It is still unsure if NABCO will adopt the time sheet nationwide.

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