NABCO Cloth: Pictures, All info on it and how to get it at your district

The latest NABCO updates on the cloth.

NABCO applicants are waiting for their placement notification messages on the 8th of October 2018.

However, one other thing that a lot more people are waiting for is the NABCO Cloth.

NABCO has already confirmed on their website that the cloths will be ready by the end of the week and that it would be the official uniform/attire for the passing out ceremony.


Some sources have revealed to that the cloths will not be sold.

Photo of the NABCO Cloth

Picture of the Official NABCO Cloth
Picture of the Official NABCO Cloth

From this photo, it is clear that this particular cloth is for Enterprise Ghana. However, we wait to see how the other modules will look.

Trust that will bring you all the juicy information first.

Who is qualified to get the NABCO cloth?

Currently, over 90,000 applicants have been confirmed to have accepted their NABCO duties. However, an applicant is eligible to get the cloth only after they have received their placement notification.

Therefore any applicant that is still on pending or no show, or an applicant that has not received their notification of placement on the 8th or after cannot get the NABCO cloth.

What will the NABCO Cloth be used for?

Although NABCO’s website has not categorically stated what the cloth will be used for, it is a well known Ghanaian convention to wear your workplace’s cloth on Fridays.

Because the NABCO cloth is expected to be in African Print, it will also be worn on Fridays.

However, there is additional unconfirmed information that another version of the cloth will also be provided which will be worn specifically on Mondays.

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That information has not been confirmed yet.

The NABCO cloth will also be used for other official NABCO occasions like training seminars or meetings anywhere during the time one is still under NABCO.

How many yards of the NABCO cloth will be made available?

According to preliminary reports, males will get 2 yards of cloth while females will have one more than males. In effect, males get 2 yards and females get 3 yards.

The reason for the discrepancy is said to be that ladies need more yards to sew their dresses.

However, if there is indeed going to be 2 types of the NABCO cloth, then that means that males will get 4 yards in total and ladies will get 6 yards.

It is possible that some of the cloth will be put for sale although that is also not confirmed.

How much does the NABCO cloth cost?

Currently, all indications point that the NABCO cloth will be given out to successful applicants at no cost.

Although some rumours have said that the cost will be taken from the NABCO allowance, that does not seem to be very likely.

How can I get my NABCO cloth?

All Nation Builders who qualify for the Cloth (have received their place of posting) should be able to sign and get their cloth from their preferred district.

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Which Company will Produce the NABCO Cloth?

According to Ghanaweb, Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has revealed that Akosombo Textile Limited (ATL) will be charged to produce 100,000 uniforms for graduates under the Nation Builders Corp (NABCO).

According to the Vice President, the initiative will ensure the sustainability of the company and also encourage the culture of accepting made in Ghana products.

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