NABCO: All Info on Start Date, Salary and Passing Out Ceremony

NABCO is working hard to clear all “pending” and ‘No show’ issues. Each and every day, lots of new people have their issues resolved.

If yours has not been resolved yet, keep checking your status.

After verification process at the head office, it had come to light that some applicants are not qualified to work with NABCO due to the kind of qualifications and some false pieces of information some applicants presented during the application process.


This is a national issue and not specific to any particular Municipality.

NABCO wishes that all those who are qualified and yet are affected by the verification process will have their issues resolved.

Every district will get the required number of applicants needed for the district. Ultimately, the wish is that all those who are qualified and submitted proper documentation pass through the system successfully and help build the nation.

NABCO Updates Week Commencing October 1, 2018 to December 2018

NABCO Trainees and Issues about Second Batch

We have started the second batch of placements; which means most of those ‘pending’ who qualify have been selected into the talent pool of 100,000 NABCO Trainees. Deadline for the second batch is at 5 pm on Monday, October 1, 2018.

Currently, if you are still not selected you belong to two special groups:

Non-NSS Diploma holders such as DBE and DBS.

For this category, placements take place on the following basis: out of each constituency’s initial 100% – 350 allocations, NABCO will ‘pay’ those owed places within their allocation with DBE/DBS holders. All others will be deemed to be on a waiting list pending available spaces within the modules.

Waiting List

You have been placed on a waiting list pending vacancies and available opportunities within NABCO. It’s your choice to ACCEPT or DECLINE this offer. Acceptance to be placed on a waiting list means we will make your details available to prospective employers; as well as the added advantage of being the first consideration when places become available on NABCO.

Once an applicant declines this offer, they automatically exit the scheme; end of the road for such applicants.

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In any case, all pending issues will be resolved by Friday, October 5. While we intend to send out notifications to unsuccessful applicants – who may wish to stay on our waiting list, should your status remain pending beyond October 5 please assume that you have not been selected, on this occasion.

Orientation and Training

Orientation and Training: As you are all aware of the first batch of NABCO Trainees have undergone Registration and Orientation within their districts and regions.

Having commenced with the second batch of placements, we will devote this week to conduct registration at the Districts and online orientation for this group.

After submission of acceptance tomorrow, we expect selected NABCO Trainees to locate their chosen ‘preferred district’ to register with the following:

  • Engagement Letter
  • Proof of National ID
  • Copy of your eZwich where available.

Dates for registration and online orientation are from Tuesday, October 2 to Friday, October 5, 2018.

Institutional Placements and Module Orientation

The above exigencies mean that the institutional placements will now take place for all NABCO trainees from Monday, October 8, 2018.

Our Module Implementation Partners are expected to make arrangements at the Regional and District levels for the module-specific orientation of all NABCO trainees during that week. All MIPs should expect trainees to subsequently report to work after the public passing out ceremony now slated for Wednesday, October 17.

Regional and District Research and Training Corps (RTC)

Considering the scale of the task of training of 100,000 personnel, the NABCO has crafted a Research and Training Corps (RTC) out of the Digitise Ghana talent pool of nearly 12,000 trainees. Each Regional Secretariat has three Regional RTCs (two extras for the Greater Accra, Ashanti and the Northern Region).

Each District, on the other hand, has two RTCs within the District Secretariat to assist with:

  1. Training within their district
  2. Conduct Research designed by NABCO or external partners
  3. Engage in district tracking, monitoring and evaluation of other NABCO trainees.

District RTCs are classed as workers of NABCO as they are placed within the Organisation itself and not with external MIPs.

Online Training Schedule

As a work and learning Graduate Employment Scheme, NABCO shall deploy both online and direct instruction in its training programmes for trainees.

The first online training will commence from October 15, 2018. This will be an online SKILLS HEALTH CHECK; so that we can tailor training to your specific need and gaps in your knowledge and understanding.

Trainees will be notified when content is ready and all are expected to follow the learning schedule. Trainees must enter all training in their Training Log to be signed off at the end of the quarter.

Your first quarterly evaluation, remember, is by Friday 21 December 2018. Monitors and the Research and Training Corps (RTC) will sign off your training log upon evidence of completion of your skills health check, during their visits.

Other NABCO Issues

Placement Notification Date

Information regarding your placement shall be made known to you by Monday, 1st October 2018 or Tuesday, 2nd October 2018.

Passing Out Date

Regional passing out is likely to fall on mid-October and not the original date of Wednesday 3rd October 2018.

This is to allow you the opportunity to prepare for accommodation and other relevant arrangements needed for Applicant’s sound to stay at work and in the community where they are going to stay.

Passing Out Ceremony: the Passing Out Ceremony for all Nation Builders is now Programmed at the National Capital (NOT Regional) as follows:

National NABCO Passing Out Ceremony

Date: Wednesday, October 17, 2018.

Venue: Independence Square, Accra

Time: 9 am to 1 pm

Attire: NABCO official Uniform/Cloth to be ready by the close of the week.

Applicants are therefore advised to start seeking accommodation when their placement notifications come out.

Work Begins

Depending on when the Nationwide NABCO Passing out ceremony takes place, NABCO Applicants should be looking at starting work at their place of posting from Thursday, 18th October 2018.

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