NABCO: What are your chances of being selected? Calculate now!

If you applied for NABCO, then you should know that the last couple of weeks have been stressful with a seeming lack of information and a feeling of “when will I start work”?

Message from NABCO:

Hello Interviewee, Please expect to receive SMS on the outcome of the NABCO selection process starting FROM Thursday August 23, 2018. You are advised to patiently wait for updates via SMS or our website:


Using the NABCO Chance System to Calculate

In order to help you calculate your chances of getting selected, I have come up with a Chance Point System, using data that is already available and a few statistics and mathematics.

The way the chance system works is that you choose your region, module and gender, get the points for each of them, add them and divide by 3.

You should get a number from 0 to 3.5. The higher the number, the higher your chance of getting selected into NABCO.

This should give you a fair Idea as we wait for the NABCO appointment message on 23rd of August 2018.

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