NABCO Applicants: How to Apply for TIN from GRA to secure placement

Successful NABCO applicants with job placements are required to obtain their TIN as it is mandatory for every working individual in the country.

According to a press release on, all NABCO personnel should tick ‘Employee’ on the form and write the name of the employer as ‘Government of Ghana – NABCO.’

Here are some of the options available for you as a NABCO personnel to apply for Taxpayer Identification Number(TIN):

Apply at any GRA DTRD Office


Walk into any GRA DTRD office. At the Front desk, you will be requested to complete a TIN Registration form. You will require a valid National Identification such as Driver’s License, Voter’s ID or Ghana Card.

Apply by Email

Download the TIN application form from the GRA website ( Read the Completion notes to guide you to complete the form. Complete and sign the application form. Scan the application form and also your National ID (Driver’s License, Voter’s ID or old National Identification Card) and send by email to [email protected].

Applying for TIN online

To submit a TIN application online, you will need a scanned colour copy of a valid national ID (pdf, jpg, jpeg, gif). The acceptable IDs for the online registration are Voter ID, Driver License or National Identification Card

  1. Go to GRA’s website –
  2. Select Online Tax Portal (DTRD) under ONLINE SERVICES or go directly to following address (
  3. Click on Application for Individual TIN to start the application process
  4. Upload a scanned colour copy of your national ID
  5. Submit application
  6. You will receive an email notification
  7. If you have used an NIA Card then TIN registration is automatic and you will receive an email notification within a minute or so. Driver License and Voters ID require a GRA officer to vet and approve your documentation before a TIN is issued.

In all cases, once our application has been approved, you will receive an SMS message to inform you that your TIN has been generated. Your TIN Certificate must be picked up from your nearest GRA Office.

Personal Verification

If you are unable to provide any of the above identifications, you will need to visit a GRA DTRD Office with a National Health Insurance Card or Passport for personal identification.

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