Just in: NABCO January Stipend to be paid this evening

All looks set for NABCO Stipends to be paid this evening. According to sources close to Accra Metro NABCO, payments are going to be processed around 4pm today and alerts sent out this evening.

Although it took a long 50 days for the December Stipend to be paid, NABCO looks set to pay January Allowance without any problems.

The stipend of GHS 700, although not necessarily sufficient needs to be paid on time to keep trainees motivated.


However, there are still some NABCO Trainees who are yet to receive their November Stipends.

It is unclear what NABCO is going to do to enable them receive on time.

NABCO should endeavour to communicate effectively to Trainees to enable us receive timely information and avoid the panicking.

NABCO Stipends have always been paid on Wednesday/Thursday as the first days in the payment week are usually used for processing payments and verifying accounts.

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