Fake News: NABCO has not said they will pay December Stipend today

Since the early hours of yesterday, there had been news circulating that NABCO was going to pay December Stipend today.

The news came from a very unfamiliar source called atmempiregh. According to the publication, the information that the stipend will be paid today came from the NABCO secretariat.

Find below a screenshot of the message as it appeared on the page.

The false publication claiming the NABCO stipend will be paid on 24th December 2018.

So why do we say the article is a fake?

Well, we would be happy if the news was true, because we are all expecting our stipend.

However, a quick look at the available NABCO channels, including social media, the NABCO blog and radio interviews tell a different story.

The NABCO secretariat has not issued any statement on December Stipend. This is a fact that you can check for yourself too,

The best thing they have done is a Merry Christmas message, which has received a lot of backlash in the comments section.

You can check out the official NABCO Website for more information or the NABCO lines to call. Don’t fall victim to any NABCO fraud this festive season.

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