Dear NABCO, the continuous postponement is not fair to us!

A letter to NABCO; you can't play with our hearts.

Some of us have been writing on NABCO for some time now. In fact, we have applied for NABCO ourselves because we all know it’s difficult in this economy.

I have personally been saddened by the here and there postponement. A lot of people have referred to me as a fraud for reporting that results will come today, then later it changes and continues to change every day, and I continue to report.

The way NABCO is going, a lot of us are already frustrated. Why the so many postponements? Why can’t we just have one date, so if we have to look at other small jobs to survive, we look at them? Why play with our feelings?

The latest reason NABCO is giving for giving all of us a “well dodge” is that they are going to do a system upgrade.


Ei NABCO, are you serious right now?

I was really happy when the President said in May that we will start work in August.

Then, later at the end of May, you brought us new timelines, which meant that we won’t start work in August. I have attached a snapshot from the NABCO website.

As it stands now, you have failed us on all of those timelines. But as unemployed as we are, we continue to trust the system.

Let me come to the most recent announcement.

On August 19, you told us that today, the 23rd of August, 2018, we would be receiving messages that would give us notice of our application status.

Well, you’ve successfully dodged us again. Now we don’t even know when we will have this passing out thing and orientation.

The way things are going, it is now very easy for one to believe the rumour mill that this NABCO this is going for some people in some party with some protocol. However that may sound, I choose not to believe it.

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However, a lot of us applicants have lost interest in NABCO, although we will gladly accept it whenever notifications come, we feel it is best we look for other things and not “bank our hope” on the initiative.

As always, we will wait for the 3rd of September 2018, and if you do postpone it again, we won’t be surprised.

God bless NABCO, God Bless Ghana.

Did you apply for NABCO, are you satisfied or disappointed? What do you think?

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