Complete estimate for building a 2 bedroom house in Ghana

Are you considering building a two bedroom house in Ghana? Construction projects can be expensive and time consuming, so it is important to have an accurate estimate of the costs involved. If you are planning to build a 2 bedroom house in Ghana, this article will help you understand the complete cost involved. The estimated cost for building a 2 bedroom house in Ghana can vary greatly depending on the materials used, the location and size of the property, and any additional features you might want to include in your home.

Building a home is a big and exciting endeavor. Having an estimate of the costs involved can help you prepare for the project ahead.

Understanding the cost of building a house in Ghana

Building a 2 bedroom house in Ghana can be a complicated process, with many factors that affect the total cost. Location plays an important role in determining the total cost of building a house, as areas with more expensive land can also lead to higher construction costs.


The cost of materials used in the construction of the house can vary greatly depending on the type and quality of the materials used. Labor costs in Ghana can vary greatly depending on the region and the skill level of the workers hired. When all of these factors are taken into account, the estimated total cost for building a 2 bedroom house in Ghana is approximately GHS 267,000GHS 300,000

Calculating the cost of a 2 bedroom house in Ghana

1. Materials

Building materials such as blocks, cement, steel, sand and gravel are the most significant costs when constructing a 2 bedroom house in Ghana. For example, building a standard 6” block wall will cost approximately GHS 50 per square meter. Additionally, sand and gravel can cost around GHS 250 – GHS 300 per cubic meter while reinforcing steel bars may cost around GHS 15 per kilogram.

2. Labor

The cost of labor for constructing a 2 bedroom house will vary depending on the region and the experience of the workers. Generally, construction workers in Ghana earn an average of GHS 20 to GHS 50 per hour.

3. Permits and Fees

Depending on the city or district you are building in, there may be additional costs associated with permits and fees. Building permits may range from GHS 1,000 – GHS 4,000 and other administrative fees could range up to GHS 600. It is important to take into consideration any potential permits or fees that could be required before starting the building process.

Ways to save on building cost

1. Negotiate with contractors

Before you choose a contractor, negotiate with several different companies to get the best possible price. Ask for quotes and compare them to see which one is the most cost-effective. Make sure that the contractors understand all your requirements and that they will provide quality services.

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2. Source materials locally

Materials such as sand, gravel, bricks, and wood can be sourced from local suppliers at a lower cost than ordering from abroad. This can significantly reduce the cost of construction as transportation costs are eliminated. It also helps support the local economy.

3. Shop around for supplies

Take the time to shop around for supplies, such as windows and doors, and compare prices from different suppliers. This is especially important if you are purchasing large quantities of items.

3. Reuse existing materials

If possible, reuse existing materials whenever possible, such as used bricks or recycled lumber. This can reduce your costs significantly, while also being an eco-friendly way to build your house.

4. Avoid over-extravagant features

Although it is nice to have some extra features in your house, try to avoid overspending on unnecessary luxuries. Stick to your budget and focus on the essentials rather than extras that will increase your costs significantly.

Complete estimate for building a 2 bedroom house in Ghana

Price may increase or decreased depending on the type of two bedroom you want. Below is an estimate of a 2 bedroom house that comprises of a living room, two bedd rooms, a kitchen, a cubicle, a store-room, two washrooms, a balcony and a porch.

  • Startup foundation = GHS 41,000
  • Top up for frameworks = GHS 40,000
  • Permits and other administrative settle = GHS 56,000
  • Services and labour works = GHS 55,000
  • Finishing = GHS 70,000

Total = GHS 262,000

Final words

Building a 2 bedroom house in Ghana is a great investment for the future and a worthy pursuit. Understanding the total cost of construction is an important part of the process. Depending on the size, materials, location, and other factors, the cost can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

Knowing these costs ahead of time can help you plan and budget accordingly. There are also ways to save on building costs such as shopping around for materials, finding the best contractor, and choosing efficient designs. With careful planning and a realistic budget, you can build your dream home in Ghana.

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