Best Technical Schools in Ghana

Are you looking for a good technical school that educates and prepares you for a specific trade or career in whatever field you think you are good at? We have prepared a list of the best technical schools in Ghana.

Here is a list for you to choose from. All academic second-cycle institutions have technical departments such as home economics and visual arts, but they do not go deep into these courses as they do at technical schools; that is why the latter is a good choice.

Technical tuition fees are less costly, even though you may need to buy certain things for practicals, you get hands-on training, and you are focused on one career, which is very important. Below are the best second cycle technical schools in Ghana to choose for your ward who is career-driven;

Kinbu Senior High Technical School


Kinbu school was established in 1874 to make provisions for mulattoes who found it very difficult to mix with the whites in the then Golf Coast. Now, it is offering courses like building construction, visual arts, woodwork, science, home economics, metalwork, technical science, general arts, business, and economics. The school is located in Tudu, Accra. The school has state-of-the-art facilities that aid in teaching and learning, as well accomplished teachers.

Koforidua Senior High Technical School

Located in the Eastern Region of Ghana, Koforidua Senior High Technical School is one of the best technical schools in Ghana. The school was established in 1967 and has served the purpose of teaching and training young people. It was an all-boys school until 1991. The school has all the needed facilities and accomplished teachers. Notable alumni include CEO of GRIDCO Jonathan Amoako Baah, Ghanaian pilot Solomon Quainoo, and many others,

Don Bosco Technical Institute

Don Bosco Technical Institute has branches at Sunyani, Tema, and Ashaiman that offer courses like building and construction, commercial arts, welding and fabrication, carpentry and furniture works, electrical and secretarial studies. There are state-of-the-art facilities for teaching and learning boarding facilities for students, and they get an opportunity to do attachment at notable institutions to build on their skills.

Asuansi Technical Institute

Asuansi is known as the oldest technical school in the West African sub-region. It offers courses that are geared towards practical skills and knowledge acquisition. There are four departments in the school, namely, ICT, technical, business, and general science. And there are thirteen academic programmes in total. For hands-on training, Asuansi is the place to be.

Cape Coast Technical Institute

Located in the historic town, this school provides competency-based education and training in technology and science. And they have been doing this since 1955 when it was called the College of Architecture.

Action Senior High and Technical School

You must know this school by the name Action Progressive Institute because that is also its name. The school is located at Madina Estate, Accra. They offer you a variety of certificates after studying at their school for four years.

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They offer courses in IT, technology and science, visual arts, and more. The school also boasts of good teachers who are also examiners and graduates. There are the necessary facilities to aid teaching and learning.

Royal Technical College

ROTECO, as it is popularly called, is also one of the best technical schools in Ghana located at Nungua.

They offer all practical courses and are ready to train you for the future. The school has the facilities such as a library, laboratories, workshops and more. You are awarded a certificate following completion.

Kaneshie Senior High Technical School

KATECO is among the list of the best technical schools in Ghana. It was built in 1958 and is located at Mataheko in Accra. It became a government-assisted school in 1959.

They offer all the courses that will help you gain hands-on skills and offer you a certificate following completion. The courses include applied electricity, building and construction, general arts and general science, home economics, metal works, visual arts, and woodwork.

Other schools worth mentioning are

  • Sacred Heart Technical Institute
  • South Labone Girls Vocational Training Center
  • Accra Academy
  • Amasaman Senor High Technical school

It is evident that the best technical schools have certain characteristics, which include the courses they offer, the facilities, trained and accomplished teachers, and the kind of recognition they have.

A typical technical school should offer courses like building and construction, metal works, electricals, visual arts, home economics, and woodworks. The school should have needed facilities such as tools, working areas, protective clothes, utensils, and more. The students should be taken on workshops to practice.

When choosing a school that will decide your future career, you should do it wisely to prevent the “had I known” ordeal. Make the relevant enquiries and get back to school soon!

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