Student Loan Trust Fund: Requirement and How to Apply

The student loan is designed for students who after gaining admission into the tertiary find it difficult in paying their subsequent fees and also, find it difficult in getting themselves other logistics to help them learn with comfort. Some even have to do other menial jobs whiles in school in order to get money for minor things.

To make learning comfortable for students to pass well with good grades, the government then decided to introduce the student loan to reduce such burden.

Payment plans are also great and students will not be forced to pay off their loans right after school. Rather, they will be given some time to find themselves jobs, and settle well before deciding to pay off their loans.

What is the Student Loan Trust Fund?


The Student Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) in Ghana is an independent trust fund that provides a means of funding tertiary education for Ghanaian students. All qualified applicants are eligible, regardless of their socio-economic status.

Who is eligible to apply?

To be able to apply for the student loan, you must be a Ghanaian who is enrolled in any of the accredited tertiary schools in the country. You must also possess a Ghanaian Identification card that proves your citizenship status.

What are the requirements?

  1. Be a Ghanaian citizen.
  2. Must be a student of any accredited tertiary institution in Ghana.
  3. Must be pursuing a tertiary program, either degree, HND, or Diploma.
  4. Must have a valid Ghana Card number.
  5. Must have an email address.
  6. Must have a registered phone number.
  7. Must have a student ID or an admission letter.
  8. Must have registered for an E-zwich card which can be obtained from any bank in Ghana.
  9. Two passport-size photographs.

How to apply for the student loan trust fund in Ghana

Student Loan Trust Fund, Ghana

I will be showing you the best and easy way to apply for a student loan. On various blogs, there are several ways to choose but here, I am showing you the easy, fast and simple process.

  1. First, visit any SLTF office in your institution and pick up a form. You can also visit your local NUGS office for a form. If all this is not fruitful for you, then visit the SLTF website at and print an application form for yourself.
  2. Fill out the form wherever necessary by not leaving anywhere attended to. Add your passport picture where needed.
  3. You will be required to add a guarantor. Your guarantor must be a SSNIT contributor to be able to guarantee you.
  4. Attach photocopies of your student ID card and if you don’t have it yet, you can add your admission letter.
  5. You should also add a photocopy of your SSNIT ID card or the reference number if you have not yet been issued the ID.
  6. Add a photocopy of your E-Zwich card as well.
  7. After all, forms have been completed, do a photocopy and keep it, and then submit the original copy of your forms to the SLTF office in your institution.

When can I apply for the loan?

Application is opened at the beginning of each academic year. Specific details will be communicated to the campus office if necessary so students who wish to apply will be notified.

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When will you receive the loan after applying?

After a successful application, it takes 2 weeks for your details to be processed and the money will be sent to your E-Zwich account. Sometimes, it can take more than 2 weeks. However, if your application is processed and accepted, you will be given the loan regardless.

When to repay your loan

Students who apply for the loan and are given one will be made to repay their loan after completing their tertiary education. The good thing is, after tertiary and NSS, you will be given ample time to seek a job, and settle down before you start paying.

Also, you can decide to pay in installments or pay all your debt at once if you have the capacity to do so. If after your NSS and after the grace period elapse and you’ve still not started paying your loan, your guarantor will be charged and deducted.

How to repay you Loan

Beneficiaries can repay their loan through the following options:

  1. Cash or Cheque repayment (Outright or by instalment) at SLTF Head Office.
  2. Cheque repayment at SLTF Zonal Offices.
  3. Mandated monthly deduction from the borrower’s salary by employer.

To start your loan repayment, visit SLTF Head Office and make the necessary arrangements for that. After, your loan repayment process will begun.

For more information on the Student Loan Trust Fund, visit their official website at and get your queries answered. You can also call their hotline on 0302751020 for inquiries or complaints.


The student loan trust fund is there to reduce students’ burdens. If you are in dire need to get your tertiary issues sorted, then it’s best you apply in order to be comfortable and study with peace.

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