6 Times NABCO was mentioned in the 2019 Budget

Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta presented the budget to parliament on Thursday, 15 November 2018. For a lot of people enrolled in NABCO, it was a time to know “their destiny”, as there have recently been issues with NABCO Salary.

However, the budget failed to mention specifically when trainees started, so its difficult to know from which month salaries will be paid from.

Here are the 6 times that NABCO was mentioned in the budget.

[1] Page 10, As parts of problems fixed


Mr Speaker, within two years of the change in government, below are just some of the problems we have fixed:

  • a change from rising graduate unemployment to reducing graduate unemployment through programmes such as the 100,000 strong NABCO corps;

[2] Page 33, as a job creation measure

Government is also doing its part on job creation. Over the period 2017 and 2018, the Ministry of Finance granted financial clearance to various agencies to recruit 88,719 Ghanaians into
critical sectors of agriculture, health, and education to enable us to improve service delivery.

In addition, the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO), a three – year transitional job opportunity for young graduates has enrolled 100,000 young graduates to support the delivery of critical public services.

[3,4,5]Page 236, as a Policy

Deployment of Nation Builder’s Corps (NABCO): Mr Speaker, the implementation of many of the interventions mentioned above will require more energetic hands.

As part of our strategy to enhance revenue mobilisation, GRA has been assigned ten thousand officers from the NABCO who will be deployed to support the implementation of these measures and strategies.

In particular, they will be helpful in identifying and registering potential taxpayers, a collection of property rates, and follow up on debtors.

The young men and women of NABCO will in the process become a pool of officers from whom the government could recruit substantive officers to support revenue mobilisation.

[6] Page 157, as a Social Intervention Policy

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We have provided jobs to 100,000 graduates under the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) across every constituency in Ghana

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